How different are we in changing the way we learn?

Preface creates a social platform for students to exchange ideas and views on knowledge, and to change students’ perception that knowledge is boring and monotonous through innovative art display. Through collaboration with leading education donors and investors, Preface sets out an artistic platform for the public to rediscover, learn and spread knowledge.

Unfolding Grammar through Painting


In a collaboration with local artist Yuki Lovey, we created an oil canvas painting which we hung in the Tin Hau community for the general public.

The audience learn from the colourful graphics and see examples of how different English prepositions are to be used in everyday life situations as depicted in the artwork.

The Preface Magazine


Being one of our in-house publications, we cover hot topics and newest innovation in the education field in Hong Kong and Asia.

Past issues include topics such as market trend for children to learn coding from a young age; how students should smartly utilize the holidays to equip themselves to the challenges, and the mentality which students should adopt when entering a new secondary school environment.