Our Vision

At Preface, we embrace differences.

Preface is an unconventional education start-up which incorporates design and technology into learning. We aim to rectify the ineffectiveness of the education system, which has been static and unchanged for years. Preface is building an extensive learning platform with various functions to address the different learning needs of students and provide personalised learning synchronized to each student’s learning progress using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Technology and Design-thinking.

Our Story and Inspiration


Ever since the first schools in ancient Greece or China, education has always been based on one teacher transferring knowledge collectively to a whole class of students.

Yet we believe that every student is unique in their own way - one might learn effectively through looking at infographics, while another needs to listen to the materials repeatedly before memorizing.

Every student deserves the right to a personalized education which best-fits their own learning style, and should not be forced to adapt to their teachers’ methods instead. In today's digital era, Preface strives to achieve personalisation via the latest AI technology.

Preface Milestone

Throughout the years, we innovate to achieve where we are today.

Founded and established. The pioneer of tech and design-driven personalised education in Hong Kong. 01

2015 May

Establishment of Preface Coding Lab and Preface Academy.02

Launched Hong Kong's Coding School and Language Center providing personalised learning.

2015 Jun

Winner of Nxtec x Morgan Stanley Funding Program03

2016 Jul

One of the six Winning Teams of Google EYE 2016 Program04

2016 Aug

One of HK's Team invited to showcase our education innovation in the Singapore - Tech in Asia Singapore05

2017 May

Exhibited in Asia's largest tech expo - Tech in Asia Japan.06

2017 Sept

This time to welcome our new funding and expansion to China markets!07

2017 Nov

Invited to a Panel Discussion at HK Startup Launchpad Conference08

2018 Apr

Introduced the first ever Coffee Shop X Learning Space in HK - Preface Coffee09

- Night time Coding and Design-Thinking workshops for Adults to entertain them with emerging knowledge.

2018 May

International Recognition from Tech Giants10

- Won the EdTechXGlobal Rise Award from the largest international EdTechXGlobal Summit; out-competes all other education companies from around the globe.

2018 Jun

Preface's Updates


Preface Going Global

The first-ever Asian company winning the biggest award in Education field in London.



We are brewing the new Preface learning experience; opening in April.


The Speaking of AI

Sharing insights on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and its applicability to our education products at the Startup Launchpad Conference


Reaching out to Asia

We showcase and expand our products to other parts of Asia like Singapore and Japan!


Tech Development

Working with programmers from Japan and Brazil on our machine learning project.


The Preface Gallery

Promoting education through the new design-thinking - who've ever thought you can learn at a gallery :)

Preface's Coverage