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Stay on top of the latest tech trends, stay most relevant with Preface latest Fast Track series.

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1-year nurturing programme for young tech passionates to learn and apply.

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Learn Tech Like Never Before

Always Timely, Engaging, and Validated

Fast & Relevant


Video, Articles & Podcasts

Bite-sized content available in video format and designed for the mass audience, breaking down on the latest news and happenings in the tech world into digestible, easy-to-follow learnings.

Deep & Immersive

Group Classes Learning


Real-time live sessions to explore leading and emerging technologies. From high-level concepts to underlying mechanisms, aiming to provide you with practical skill sets and inspiring applicable integrations that you can bring back to your everyday life! All bootcamps available one-to-one for a customised learning experience delivered at your preferred speed, style, anytime, anywhere.


One-to-One Personalised Learning


Customised learning experiences facilitated in an anywhere, anytime format, and delivered in optimal speed and style.

Our Learning Philosophy

Not all brains are designed to crunch textbooks and lecture videos alone. Especially when you're new in the topic, you need real human support.

Our educators in Preface are here to help you learn effectively in your own way.

Personalised Curriculum

We tailor individual learning paths and map the right knowledge points centred to your learning goals, providing just what you need to learn, at the right time.
With learning data and insights from our students worldwide, we are fueled with data-driven feedback and recommendations to ever-improve the curriculum.

Immersive Learning

Engaging by design, we create a world that merges learning with your lifestyle.
From short and sweet on-the-go TechBites videos, to fun and engaging happy hour and learn live events, to crunching projects with like minded learners at our bootcamps, to the most tailored one-to-one learnings with knowledgeable industry leaders.
Let us immerse you in the world of tech learning.

Applicable Knowledge

We go beyond theories, learning happens when you are able to implement them by solving real-world challenges.
Our programs include complex assignments that put your knowledge to test.
You will approach them like a working professional by building and deploying live projects into the world.

Tech-enabling enterprises and individuals worldwide.

Enterprise Trained
Global Learners
Learning Hours
Experienced Instructors

What's new at Preface

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November 2023
TechBites Live
Cheers to exclusive happy hour and learn with tech innovation and business insights, served with wine and cocktails. Dive yourself into an engaging, in-person experience where industry enthusiasts share the latest tech trends, networking opportunities abound, and knowledge flows in a relaxed, social setting.
Preface - New Events Photo
November 2023
Design Your Future Fireside Chat
A unique fireside chat experience to learn about the journey of the 7 change makers who are shaking up 7 industry domains – medical, transformation, banking & finance, and more. Find out how they leverage the power of Future Design to shape their industries, and the challenges ahead to drive real change and impact in their domains.
Preface - New Events Photo
November 2023
Super Typers: Mastering Typing for Kids
Mastering typing is particularly crucial for children interested in coding and programming. Led by our experienced instructor, this workshop will cover the key areas of typing fundamentals, building muscle memory, fun and interactive exercise and a typing assessment with a proven record of typing improvement.
Preface - New Events Photo
November 2023
Finding Your Voice Anywhere, Anytime - Free Meet & Learn
We will delve into the immense potential of having a distinct perspective in the world that we are shaping, how to discover your innovative point of view, convince others, and why it is essential, regardless of whether you are early career professionals or experienced business leaders.

Our Instructors

Top 1.5% Educator + Practitioner

Preface Coding follows a strict 4-step recruitment process to ensure students get the top instructors as well as learning experience.

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