1-on-1 Online and In-person Coding Courses for All Ages.

Bringing the Benefits of AI to Learning

Powered by AI, Preface Coding delivers programming courses that are engineered for personalised and effective learning.

Optimise to your perfect fit.

Our smart matching system evaluates your traits, background and learning styles, matching you to the right instructor, always.

Engineer a unique path, for you.

We tailor individual learning paths and map the right knowledge points centered to your learning, providing just what you need to learn, at the right time.

Accelerate your learning outcome, instantly.

With learning data and insights from our students worldwide, we are fueled with data-driven feedback and recommendations to ever-improve the curriculum.


Brands connected with us

Adult Programs

Data Science & AI with Python

Leverage on data and machine learning to make better business decisions. Designed for non-technical managers.

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Full Stack Web Development

Learn the making of innovative “Silicon Valley” web apps like Instagram. Know how to lead programmers.

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Kid Programs


Age 3 - 5

Bring cartoons to life, work with sounds to create mini games and stories. A “symbol-only” platform to flex creativity and coding skills.

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Age 6 - 8

Build games, produce animated cartoons and music videos with this MIT-backed programming tool to kick-start your portfolio.

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App Inventor

Age 9+ | 12+

Code apps and games; and experience the joy launching it in the real world - used by you, your friends and tech giants!

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Redefine Who You Learn With

With our smart matching system, you will find the perfect teacher. It might be a data scientist, banker, lawyer, pilot, who is trained to help you connect the dots to make learning truly relevant.

Learning experience shouldn’t be standardised, and neither should your instructor.

Get to know who you learn with

Strict Instructor Selection Process

Preface Coding follows a strict 4-step recruitment process to ensure students get the top instructors as well as learning experience.

4.5+ out of 5 stars performance

Video Screening

Video Screening

Selection Rate Top 50%


Selection Rate Top 20%
Curriculum-based Assessment

Curriculum-based Assessment

Passing Rate 10%
Live Teaching Demo

Live Teaching Demo

Selection Rate Top 10%


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