10 VR games that bring you the best immersive experiences there are to offer

The Metaverse is not a matter of yes or no, but of when and how. Here, we have a list of 10 VR games with their own unparalleled selling points, all whilst bringing you the best immersive experiences there are to offer. This is just the beginning of future gaming, jump on board and you are sure to fall in love with at least a few of these games!

  • Beat Saber

If you haven’t heard of Beat Saber, what are you doing?  The successful immersive rhythm game consists of colourful boxes coming your way. To win, you must slash the boxes with your lightsabers in the displayed directions at perfect timing to the music. The game specialises in its pumping electronic beats, giving players a more realistic experience. What’s so great about Beat Saber, is it forms an online community where individuals can create a map to their own choice of music for fellow avid players to enjoy.

Release date: May, 2018Platforms: Playstation 4, Oculus Quest etc.Source: IGN.

  • Rec Room

“Rec Room, there’s room for everyone”. Developed by Rec Room inc, Rec Room is a party game that consists of various genres, from shooter to sports to racing and more! It utilises voice chats for players to feel more connected with each other, as well as produce better results in games. Similar to Beat Saber, you can customise and create your own rooms and games for others to enjoy.

Release date: June 2016Platforms: Xbox One, Oculus Quest 1/2, tablets etc.Source: IGN

  • The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Into something more dark? The Room VR is the perfect fit for you. Originally available on tablets, the game has now migrated into the Metaverse.

With 4 new immersive stages and their individual meticulously crafted puzzles, can you unravel the mystery of the missing egyptologist? To bring you the best experience, the Room has always utilised the idea of “perspective” in its creations, whether it be shrinking you to uncover issues of mechanics behind an object, or granting you a special lens to see more than you have before. 

Release date: March, 2020Platforms: Playstation VR, Oculus Meta Quest, Oculus Rift etc.Source: IGN

  • Super Hot VR

Ever wanted to feel like a time-bending superhero? Well, this game is tailored for you.

Super Hot VR is not your generic first-person shooting game. With its unparalleled time shifting mechanics, hold still and so will time; whereas when you move or shoot, your enemies will follow suit. 

Encountered an enemy? Grab a gun and shoot them. Out of bullets? Throw the gun at them. Missed? Snatch their weapons. And if it comes down to the wire, punch them! In Super Hot VR, anything is possible with time on your side.

Release date: December, 2016Platforms: Playstation4, Oculus Quest etc.Source: Steam

  • Pistol Whip

The familiar yet largely forgotten arcade first-person shooter game is BACK in the form of Pistol Whip.

To the music’s thumping beats, shoot down enemies coming your way while having to dodge incoming bullets; when they get too close, whip them with your pistol (hence the name)! The varying mono-coloured design of each stage allows enemies, bullets and music to stand out to the player, giving you a more dimensional gameplay. To make the game on par with your level, play around with the modifiers to approach each level differently.

Release date: December, 2016Platforms: Playstation 4, Oculus Quest etc.Source: IGN

  • Moss: Book II

From solving puzzles to discovering mysterious dimensions to the rich and detailed animations, Moss: Book II (Moss’ sequel) brings you, the Reader, into Quill’s (our young mouse protagonist) storybook fantasy world. Together, you set off on an adventure to uncover the disappearance of her mentor Argus. 

What makes Moss: Book II so indefinitely unique is that though you are controlling Quill’s movements, you are NOT Quill. You, as the reader: 

  • have limited yet direct influence over Quill’s world

  • will be made to use your creativity to the fullest in order to help Quill on her adventure by overcoming vicious enemies and solving mind-bending puzzles

That’s not all! Polyarc has animated Quill as a confident, impetuous young mouse, giving her a distinct personality, hence players are more likely to perceive her as an existing entity. To create this effect, Polyarc focused on giving Quill signature dance moves and the ability to interact with players. The aforementioned plays a role in creating an immersive experience that forms a deeper emotional connection with our beloved character. 

Game release date: March, 2022Platforms: Playstation VR, Quest 2Sources: RoadToVR, Playstation

  • Keep talking and nobody explodes

The name should be pretty self-explanatory, keep talking and nobody explodes, literally. This game acts as a bridge between reality and virtuality by providing an equally unique and fun experience for the people outside of the virtual world.

In front of you (the one in the VR headset) is a bomb, but how can you disarm it without any instructions? That’s where the instructors (people in the same room without VR headsets) come in. With the help of an instruction manual, the instructor(s) will direct the disarming experts on the hows, while the experts explain the whats. Time is ticking, can you complete each round as it gets more chaotic than the last?

Release date: July, 2015Platforms: Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift etc.Source: IGN

  • Lies Beneath

To all my fellow horror fans, this action-packed single player survival horror game is for you. It starts off when you (our female protagonist, Mae), got into a car accident with your father, just to wake up and discover he had gone missing. 

The game, with their exceptional art style seemingly transports you into a comic book, and with the aural effects of beast feasting on corpses beyond your field of vision, together help further bring out that eerie atmosphere for players. Not only will you be facing ghouls along your journey, you must strategically use weapons and decide on what items to keep in your limited inventory in order to maximise your chances of survival. 

Release date: March, 2020Platforms: Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift SSource: UploadVR

  • Asgard's Wrath

Being said to be on par with VR classics such as SuperHot, Asgard’s Wrath is a mythology-themed RPG that exemplifies the storytelling of numerous mythological figures. In addition, it allows you, the God of Animals, to literally step in the shoes of mortals and embark on their personal journeys.

It frequently changes your perspective by giving you the flexibility to jump between being a mortal to an immortal. When back in your God form, you can view the world in a bird’s eye view, whilst being able to move objects to your liking. As the God of Animals, it’s natural to have a whopping 10 different animal companions to aid you on your journey, with each animal having a different ability and fighting style, it brings a new aspect to the game!

Release date: October, 2019Platforms: Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift SSource: IGN

  • Half-life: Alyx

Last but not the least, the all-time favourite Half-Life: Alyx. Your father has been taken by the Combine facilities, and you must save him. As Alyx, you and your trusty companion Russell set off on your journey to save your father. With Russell alongside you, your banter and jokes lighten the underlying pessimism of the dire situation you’re in. 

Half-Life: Alyx is a horror game as much as an action game; and a zombie game as much as a science fiction game. Yet the game’s highlight lies within its combat designs. With Rusell’s Gravity gloves, you can pull any item of use with ease. In combat, this ability eliminates unnecessary movements and allows you to focus more on the situation at hand.

Release date: March, 2020Platforms: Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Cosmos etc.Source: IGN

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