Nomad Instructor Stories

Jon teaches to instill a growth mindset and inspire the passion for learning


Jon Richards



What were your concerns before you started teaching?

Without a doubt my biggest concern was the initial lack of experience I had in teaching children. I have taught adults individually prior to becoming a Nomad teacher, but I was still worried about interacting with younger students. Thankfully, Preface provided me with helpful insights to channel my strengths and ease my worries.

Which part of the Preface training did you find the most beneficial?

It’s the emphasis on the teaching methodology. As an instructor in the aviation sector, I found Preface’s training methods quite similar. While my training focuses on flight operations and safety procedures, the training here states the overall importance of teaching professionalism and engagement with students.

How do you prepare to make sure students have a great learning experience?

As per my training, I would spend time building the app for each lesson prior to teaching, so that I will be able to get a general idea of the lesson flow, which would in turn allow me to give the lesson an interesting spin, and ensure that I could cover the fundamental concepts effectively in a fun and engaging way.

What’s your favourite thing being a Nomad Instructor?

Without a doubt the biggest joy is watching how the kids light up in the process of building their apps. It is empowering to see how much confidence you could give a child in their ability to create and to solve problems with technology by simply guiding them through a few codes!

What’s been your proudest or surprising moment working for Preface Coding?

For me, the most surprising aspect of my Nomad journey was how friendly the Preface team is. Here, it really doesn’t feel like you’re working for a company, but rather with a family, and I feel immensely proud to be part of this ever-expanding family.

Is the flexibility of the Preface platform an important thing for you?

Absolutely! As a pilot, it is difficult to form a consistent schedule that could work around my job. Thankfully, the teaching system is liberating! Preface enables me to combat this through online teaching platforms and suit my geographical needs to match the best students possible, which allows me to fit my Nomad lessons alongside my flights ideally, which really is a major bonus for me.