Nomad Instructor Stories

Sabrina teaches to empower herself and the next generation




School Teacher

What was your motivation to start being a Nomad Instructor?

For me, it was the opportunity to dive into the world of technology, especially in an era so obsessed with programming and data! I felt that it was perfect for me to incorporate my expertise in teaching into programming education. The hours of training and teaching practices from Preface are not easy to kick start with, but as an educator myself, the satisfaction seeing students learn is absolutely priceless.

What’s your favourite thing being a Nomad Instructor?

I remember one of my students screaming with joy when we finished the app! We had spent quite a while building the app and decoding issues, and she was so excited to see her work appear right before her very eyes!

What is your education ideology?

I think it is always important to put yourself into your students’ shoes, and perceive how they would view the information being taught! Kids often have a diverse range of interests, personalities and learning styles, so you will need to always be mentally prepared on how they would react to your teaching!

How do you prepare to make sure students have a great learning experience?

Also, I often take the time to revise the materials in order to design a lesson plan that I feel would best fit my student! As a visual learner myself, I try to make my lessons as image-based as possible for the students Preface matches with me. I’d also pack the lessons with examples to provide an immersive learning experience.

How would you describe the training given to you by Preface?

I’d say the training is personalized, just like how we are expected to teach the students. As a school teacher myself, my experiences are mainly on class sizes around 20, whereas Preface focuses on 1 on 1 training to students as well as us, Nomads. They see our potential and empower us to adjust our lessons according to students’ interests, personalities and learning abilities.