Fly Higher, Code Further with Asia Miles this Summer

In this special collaboration with Asia Miles, our coders Alicia and Mitch have teamed up to develop an interactive game using Scratch. Alicia and Mitch have been learning with Preface Coding for one full year now, and they are stepping up this summer as they work on a project with Asia Miles!

Fly with Asia Miles Bear Ron

Help Asia Miles Bear Ron to travel around the world and earn some miles! In this game, Ron has to fly over different landmarks to collect Asia Miles coins while avoiding tornadoes. Now it's your turn to earn Asia Miles with Ron!

Press the green flag to start the game.

This game is created by Preface Coding Coders - Alicia and Mitch, in collaboration with Asia Miles.

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Words from the makers!

Mitch, Age 7

I could never imagine creating a game for adults - never mind Asia Miles! I mean, it would be fun if the points we earned in this game could be converted into actual Miles. Then I could earn miles on my own card playing the game I made! That’s awesome!

Alicia, Age 9

A year ago, I only knew how to code a character to move left and right. Now, I know how to build a game for Asia Miles that would literally appear on a website! I cannot wait to build more games and apps for everyone!

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