Fall 2020, we have collaborated with Warner Music (華納香港外語音樂) and HONNE, the famous British Electronic Music Duo. With them, we have launched a groundbreaking campaign combing “codes, coffee and music”. With this project, we have won massive media exposure from various global and local media.

Preface Coding for business:
Corporate Training with AXA

Preface Coding provided a customised corporate training solution for AXA Asia. With the special “Lunch and Learn” Workshop, we teach managers and C-suites from AXA with essential technological concepts from Big Data to A.I. and Machine Learning, with real life application and business use cases.

We proudly present our pioneering A.I. Coffee at Preface Coffee to the world! The first coffee in the world that attunes to the weather, time and happiness index of global news headline.

This “Code Brew Project” is a real life project of our coding students, a group of talented young programmers aged 12-15, and it has won both global and local media attentions. 

“There isn’t a thing that cannot be learnt, You just have yet to meet the right teacher.”