Preface Partners with Meta to Launch a First Hand Metaverse Experience 

【期間限定】Preface x Meta : VR虛擬實境體驗、Spark AR工作坊和跨行業領袖座談會

(Hong Kong, 30 June 2022) The term ‘Metaverse’ has without a doubt become synonymous with technology’s latest developments, but how does one actually access it? Preface, the EdTech leader in Web3.0 and Metaverse, partners with Meta to launch the month-long multisensory “Metaverse Coffee” campaign, incorporating a series of first-hand Metaverse experiences. The campaign enables the mass public to experience leading AR/VR technologies and explore their implications for the future through captivating experiences encompassing Metaverse Coffee with Immersive VR Experience, Spark AR Workshops, and a cross-industry Symposium gathering the region’s Web3.0 leaders.


1. Experience | Travel to the Metaverse with Your Daily Coffee

From 1-31 July 2022, members of the public are invited to purchase a cup of “Metaverse Coffee” at any Preface Coffee & Wine locations, where they will receive an accompanying “boarding pass” to the Metaverse.

【期間限定】Preface x Meta : VR虛擬實境體驗、Spark AR工作坊和跨行業領袖座談會

Preface partners with Meta by using machine learning techniques to identify the top 5 desired travel destinations of Hong Kong people during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide globetrotters grounded by the pandemic with a state-of-the-art VR travel experience that takes them to 1 of the 5 destinations.

Patrons will be able to enter the Metaverse through a Meta Quest device to immediately travel to either Tokyo’s Skytree, New York’s Fifth Avenue, or even time travel back 5-10 years ago of these locations.

2. Learn | Preface x Meta Spark AR Workshops

Metaverse is a collective experience in both Virtual Realities (VR) as well as Augmented Realities (AR). Preface will offer Metaverse Education through a series of Spark AR workshops for adolescents and adults to discover their inner creativity and build their own Facebook and Instagram AR filters! With the ‘boarding pass’ accompanied by the Metaverse Coffee, curious learners can register for the limited Preface Spark AR workshops and unlock a new skill in 90 mins!

【期間限定】Preface x Meta : VR虛擬實境體驗、Spark AR工作坊和跨行業領袖座談會

3. Share | Preface x Meta Future Symposium with Web3.0 Leaders

As a pioneer of the gathering of leading tech minds in Hong Kong, Preface brings to the table the groundbreaking Future Symposium series, one of the first cross-industry EdTech Forums in Hong Kong as a platform to engage with the public and further the exploration of technology. 

The Future Symposium series extends into the Metaverse space through the Preface x Meta Partnership, co-hosting a revolutionary Web3.0 and Metaverse event for tech leaders to exchange insights, ideas, and predictions of Web3.0 and its indications of the future in an effort to foster a thriving Web3.0 ecosystem in Hong Kong.

This exclusive rendition of Preface’s long-standing event will be held in late July. More details regarding the Preface x Meta Future Symposium will be released on social media channels soon.

one-of-a-kind metaverse experience with a cup of coffee

Tommie Lo, Founder & CEO of Preface, stated that “Meta has always been a close partner of Preface. In this collaboration, we have put tremendous efforts in liberating tech knowledge to all by providing Metaverse education and training as accessible as possible; to an extent that these buzzwords will no longer be new to you but become increasingly commonplace in your everyday lives. We look forward to welcoming all customers to try out the fun and one-of-a-kind metaverse experience with a cup of coffee.”

“Metaverse Coffee” is available from 1 to 31 July 2022 in any Preface Coffee & Wine branches. Each purchase of the coffee is entitled to redeem a “boarding pass” to the Metaverse.