Brand Collaboration: Preface Coding X Warner Music Hong Kong

Animated Music Video Coding & Coffee-Music pairing with the music of HONNE

In the past month, we have collaborated with Warner Music HK International (華納香港外語音樂)and HONNE, the famous British Electric Soul Duo. With them, we have launched a groundbreaking campaign with the combination of “codes, coffee and music”. With this project, we have won massive media exposure from various global and local media.


We have not only integrated coding with music, by inviting our Preface Coding kids’ coders to reinvent the top hit “no song without you” into a Hong Kong Edition MV using Scratch, but also paired HONNE’s music from the “no song without you” album with our Preface Coffee.

Creation of the Hong Kong Special Edition MV at Preface Coding:

The Key highlight of our collaboration with Warner Music is the launch of the Hong Kong Special Edition Animated MV of HONNE’s top hit “no song without you”, coded by our kids’ coders.


At Preface Coding, a group of more than 60 young coders have participated in this international project. Our 6 talented young coders: Aiden, Averie, James, Jasmine, Natalie and Yuha, have played the leading roles for this MV remake project. And they are only aged form 3-15!

With their fresh brains, they utilized the block-based visual programming language, Scratch, and spent 40 hours to create this adorable MV. From the red taxi, to traditional dim sum restaurant, the Junior Coders reinvent the “no song without you” scenes under the setting of Hong Kong.

Despite the MV, we also launched the “Making of video”, to record the journey of how our talented kids’ coder learnt and created the MV.

After the launch of MV, we are really blessed that HONNE really likes it. They have even recorded a video to express their appreciation of Preface Coding for gathering our talented kids’ for working on this creative MV coding project.

Huge thank you to Preface Coding for gathering all these creative and talented kids. We particularly love the added local scenes of Hong Kong, and really really love seeing the front of Preface Coffee with our (cartoon) characters on it as well, that was really cool!” Andy Clutterbuck & James Hatcher from HONNE

Furthermore, we also hosted various workshops for our media friends, HONNE’s fans and kids. The events have been huge successes and many attendees had happily made their own unique version of the music video.

Coffee – Music Pairing at Preface Coffee:

Despite the Music Video Coding Project, at Preface Coffee, we transformed our coffee shop with the theme of HONNE and their cartoon characters. Also, we paired every customer’s coffee with music.

With Spotify API, our young coders Yuha (aged 15) and Natalie (aged 10) helped to work on the in-depth audio analysis. Using the tracks from HONNE’s “no song without you” album, song characteristics are extracted. Then, with further data analysis, each coffee are served with a recommended song from HONNE’s album “no song without you”.

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