What does Digital Transformation (DX) in personnel development look like?

Living in the digital era, it is inevitable for us to keep up with ever changing technology as an individual. With new concepts like Web 3.0 being introduced every day, could we leverage the power of technology to stay competitive? To best prepare ourselves for the big changes, you first have to tech-enabled yourself on how Digital Transformation (DX) could help with personnel development and upskilling. Read on to get to know more about Digital Transformation (DX) in the following paragraphs!

What is Digital Transformation (DX) in personnel development?

According to recent research by PWC,  90% of C-suite executives think the company is paying attention to employees’ needs on introducing new technology. However, there is only 53% of staff think the same. Ironically, 71% of employers say that their workforce is either very or extremely important in supporting their digital transformation strategy.

Employees are the most precious assets and biggest drivers of DX success, while DX is the key for businesses to stand out in the competitive, customer-oriented market landscape nowadays. Successful transformations bring in enormous, long-term business benefits by responding to increasing customer demands and optimizing customer experience with the help of technology. This is the reason why nearly 90% of all companies have already adopted a digital-focused strategy or plan.

How digital transformation enhances personnel development

1. Web-based training and webinars

Web-based training and webinars make worldwide learning possible. You can easily access and grasp knowledge from online courses or talks around the world, some developed by established educational institutions, such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford. They often provide Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) covering various topics with free video lessons and reading materials, allowing global upskilling at no cost.

2. Learning Experience Platforms

By introducing social elements into learning, Learning Experience Platforms presents a customizable, intuitive learning approach. Through the two-way exchange of knowledge via social apps like Messenger, Zoom, Skype or others, users complete online courses and exercises for personnel development with the coaching or advice from people around the world.

3. Micro learnings

Performed in short bursts of time in everyday life, you can pick up small pieces of knowledge through podcasts, videos, reading blog articles and practical exercises at your convenience for upskilling.

4. Virtual Realities (VR)

Applying Virtual Reality (VR) to training and upskilling has been of utmost importance when it comes to technical areas. It provides an immersive environment that enables the breaking down of more complex and abstract concepts. Not only has VR made learning more fun and playful, but also resulted in better learning outcomes with “real” experiences in virtual worlds.

5. Augmented Realities (AR)

Alongside other learning methods, Augmented Reality (AR) as a two-dimensional approach to present information, improves learning efficiency through increased engagement and interactivity. The application of AR and VR has much room for development with us going into the Web 3.0 era.

Source: CoachHub

What Key Skills Are Needed to Drive Digital Transformation?

Here are some must-know aspects that you could explore when it comes to Digital Transformation (DX):

1. Digital Literacy

Need not to say, one must master various digital tools to fully utilize them. It is essential for a person or every member of an organization to be able to interchange between different programs to perform a complete DX.

2. Data and Digital Security

With Web 3.0 sweeping the world, cybersecurity has risen to be one of the top concerns for organizations and basically every internet user, more than ever. Make sure you keep up with the latest trends in this vital area to protect yourself from the growing use of smart tools.

3. Data Analysis

Thanks to technological advancements, we get access to a large amount of actionable data on a daily basis. Wise use of data analysis could help make invaluable business decisions or hit right at an operational pain point.

4. Digital Marketing

Exploring and blending digital channels of promotion into strategic planning gives you the best chance to transform businesses nowadays. From social media, video live-streaming, emails to online content, make the most out of these digital marketing tools to connect with customers.

5. DevOps

The word DevOps indicates the combination of software development and operations. This is a brand new approach to adopt latest software and technology development like automation, and work on programmable infrastructure.

6. Mobility Management

Under the influence of the pandemic, we now live in the age of remote work. Pay attention to changes in digital solutions related to these areas to maximize efficiency and get the most out of working with talents worldwide.

7. Machine Learning (ML)

Automation, the ultimate “tech” advancement of it all, is facilitated by the development of Machine Learning (ML). Focus on cultivating skills in ML is the essential start to get ahead in our robotic future.

Source: Digital Marketing Institute


Technology keeps redefining individuals’ roles and responsibilities in many ways. While sometimes it could get challenging, it is important for you to keep upskilling and updating yourself about Digital transformation (DX) to stay relevant.

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