Corporate Training

Held in-person at our Preface Coffee & Wine space in Central, our hands-on coffee cupping workshop was a great chance for King & Wood Mallesons to get a taste of the intricate process of coffee cupping.

Preface Coding provided a customised corporate training solution for AXA Asia.

With the special “Lunch and Learn” Workshop, we teach AXA managers and C-suites with essential technological concepts from Big Data to A.I. and Machine Learning, backed by real life applications and business use cases.

For CLP Group’s Corporate Training, we designed a 60 mins webinar covering the core concepts of Python, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We also highlighted the relevancy between Machine Learning and Business for corporate audiences of CLP Group.

For CUHK’s Centre for Family Business, we designed a 6-hour training which covered the fundamental concepts of Python, as well as, the concepts of Data Analysis with Data Science related tools and techniques.