Corporate Training Project:
Preface Coding X AXA Asia

Case Study: Intro to Big Data for AXA Asia


Client Overview:  

AXA has been the No.1 insurance brand worldwide for 8 consecutive years, and, 3rd best brand across the financial service industry. It serves diverse markets from Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa to North America. Just in Hong Kong, AXA Asia serves over 1.6 million customers. 


Client’s Goal:

An Interactive and engaging learning initiative to:

  1. Inspire leaders to create data-driven solutions and strategies with a programming mindset.
  2. Provide employees with a foundational understanding of key technological concepts, such as Big Data, A.I. and Machine Learning.
  3. Enable better communication between tech and non-tech teams. 

Our Solution:
One of the key concerns clients have with tech training is that it would be too difficult, too technical, and irrelevant to their day-to-day. Hence, our solution is to create an engaging, relevant, and interest-generating learning experience for our tech explorers.

For AXA Asia, we designed a 90 mins Lunch & Learn covering the foundational concepts of Big Data, A.I. and Python. We leveraged real-life examples such as Uber and Yahoo!Finance’s Stock Analysis to bring the concepts to life.

In addition, we wanted our participants to experience the practicality of the materials, hence we hand-picked a few business use-cases that are highly relevant to the insurance industry to demonstrate Python applications.

Facts and Figures:


attendees joint our lunch



attendees stayed till the end             

of the learning session



of attendees are Managers or at C-Level      



Client’s Comment:

Really appreciate Preface Coding for providing such an insightful and eye-opening session. I like the way they utilized different interesting real-life examples to explain difficult concepts as A.I. and Big Data 

– AXA Asia

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