Corporate Training Project:
Preface Coding X Bowtie Life Insurance

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Case Study: Data Science Workshop for Bowtie Life Insurance


Client Overview:  

Being the first licensed virtual insurer in Hong Kong, Bowtie Life Insurance (“Bowtie”) has set out to transform the traditional insurance industry with a technological breakthrough. Powered by advanced technology, Bowtie developed a fully digital insurance platform to provide transparent and genuinely customer-centric services.


Client’s Goal:

Bowtie aims to find a training partner to:

  1. Provide employees with popular trends and technological concepts around Data Science, A.I. and Machine Learning.
  2. Get employees to work on some basic Python programming skills with hands-on coding experience.

Our Solution:

Preface Coding tailored a special Data Science Workshop session for Bowtie. Through delivering the key concepts of Data Science including Big Data, A.I. and Machine Learning, we introduced how Python could facilitate business models with insightful data analysis.


During the workshop, our instructor demonstrated the essential theories of Big Data, A.I. and Machine Learning with real-life use cases. In particular, we combined practical programming skills like web scraping with stock analysis from Yahoo!Finance to showcase how tech can be utilized in daily life.


Facts and Figures:


of attendees joint our training program



of attendees said they would like to
attend similar training in the future



Client’s Comment:

“Love the workshop! It was insightful yet interesting. Definitely love to explore Python and Data Science courses in the future. 

– Bowtie Life Insurance


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