Corporate Training Project:
Preface Coding X CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Case Study: Intro to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for CLP Power Hong Kong Limited


Client Overview:  

Being one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited, a listed company in Hong Kong. They have been providing a highly reliable electricity supply and excellent customer service since 1901 and now serve over 80% of Hong Kong’s population.


Client’s Goal:

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited has been looking for an interactive yet informative short training session for staff from all departments to:

  1. Raise employees’ technological awareness and keep the organization alert with the latest technology trends.
  2. Build employees’ with a solid foundation of the key technological concepts, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Empower the employees with the technical knowledge to create innovative project ideas with the hottest technical topics.

Our Solution:

Aware that the participants are from various departments without any technical background, we designed a special solution which is an easy-to-understand learning experience covering the key technological concepts for CLP employees.


To share about the Corporate Training solution in detail, for CLP, we designed a 60 mins webinar covering the core concepts of Python, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We wanted to highlight the relevancy between Machine Learning and Business for corporate audiences. Hence, we shared different use cases from various industries including marketing and agriculture, to showcase how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have been revolutionizing the business world. One of the real-life examples we have talked about is the Blue River Technology – it utilizes Artificial Intelligence to identify and spray herbicide on weed, which is described by international media as the future of agriculture.  


Facts and Figures:


  employees attended the webinar,



of participants said they will recommend this webinar

to their colleagues.



Client’s Comment:

“I am very much impressed in how Preface Coding made those technical or digital terms so easy to understand and relatable to what is happening around us! 

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited


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