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Preface Coding X The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Case Study: Intro to Data Science and Analysis Techniques for CUHK


Client Overview:  

Established in 2012 by the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, the Centre for Family Business (CFB) at CUHK aims to address the knowledge and service gaps around family businesses in Asia. Understanding the rising trend of digital transformation across the market, CFB chose Preface Coding as their corporate partner to provide a tailored training program to equip their students with sufficient knowledge to cope with the digital future.


Client’s Goal:

Centre for Family Business at CUHK aims to find a training partner to:

  1. Empower and introduce students to Python and Data Science in order to digitize their family business.
  2. Inspire students to create data-driven business solutions and strategies for their family business.
  3. Provide hands-on Python coding experience to students, and equip students with data analysis and web scraping skills.
  4. Explore students to the up-to-date real-life business applications across the industry.

Our Solution:

To address our client’s key objective to apply Python techniques into their day-to-day work or business application, we designed a training program with a combination of hands-on coding training and use case analysis.


For CUHK’s Centre for Family Business, we designed a 6-hour training covering the fundamental concepts of Python and the concepts of data analysis with data science related tools and techniques.


As the training is designed for absolute beginners, we divided the program mainly into 3 parts:

  1. Introduction To Python Basic – to lay a solid foundation for our clients in core concepts of Python and basic data types.
  2. Introduction To Data Analysis And Visualization – to introduce key concepts of Data Science, including data collection, data cleaning to data engineering.
  3. Learn from Real-life Business Application – to deepen student’s knowledge of Data Visualization and Analysis with real-world application case study.


Facts and Figures:


is the average marks attendees gave

to our training program on a scale of 100



Client’s Comment:

“Really appreciate the way Preface Coding delivered Data Science and Python concepts to us, we can understand clearly even though many of us had zero coding background. Through the 6-hour course, I am able to gain the core concepts of Big Data and basic coding techniques which is out of my expectation. 

Centre for Family Business at CUHK


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