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Case Study: Intro to A.I. in Marketing for Asia Miles


Client Overview:  

Asia Miles is Asia’s leading travel and lifestyle rewards program. Since launching in 1999, Asia Miles has been offering their members extensive opportunities to earn miles by spending daily from a wide range of travel and lifestyle categories including flights, hotels, financial services, retail, technology brands and much more. Now, Asia Miles has more than 12 million members, over 800 program partners and more than 3,500 lifestyle, and experience awards.


Client’s Goal: 

Asia Miles has been looking for an introductory yet insightful Tech Training session for the marketing team to:

  1. Sharpen technical awareness and keep the marketing team alert with the latest technology trends.
  2. Provide the employees with a foundational understanding of the key technological concepts, such as Big Data and A.I..
  3. Inspire marketing leaders to create marketing campaigns that integrate with the hottest technical topics. 

Our Solution:

Given that the participants are from a marketing discipline without any technical background, our solution is to design an industry-specific, yet easy-to-learn learning experience for the marketing experts.


For Asia Miles, we designed a webinar covering the core concepts of Big Data and A.I.. Leveraged on real-life examples, such as Google ReCapture to bring the Big Data and A.I. concepts to life. In addition, we wanted to create the relevancy between technology and the marketing industry. Hence, we talked about the first-ever A.I. coffee in Hong Kong to demonstrate how we can blend technology with marketing or lifestyles.


Facts and Figures:


   of attendees joint our session



   positive feedback from participants     



Client’s Comment:

Super insightful and informative session, I love how they use interesting examples to explain such complicated technologies. Now I understand the importance of data collection and data analysis. 

– Asia Miles


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