Corporate Training Project:
Preface Coding X Leading International Law Firm

Case Study: Happy Hour 2.0 AI Coffee Meets Lawyers


Client Overview:  

Headquarted in Asia and with a global team of over 2400 lawyers in 28 locations, our client is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative law firms. Our client helps businesses across diverse industries to open doors and unlock opportunities as they look to Asian markets to unleash their full potential.


Client’s Goal:

An educational and entertaining after-work seminar to:

  1. Provide lawyers and key staff with a foundational understanding of Big Data and AI through dynamic examples and business use-cases.
  2. Inspire legal professionals to stay on top of the latest technological trends that have the power to transform and improve existing work processes.
  3. Equip employees with a data-driven mindset to create innovative solutions for the legal workplace.

Our Solution:

Keeping in mind the already demanding lifestyle and workload of legal professionals, we designed a special after-work learning experience that was informative yet light and entertaining for the employees of a top global law firm.


Concepts like Big Data and AI often feel like daunting subjects, but we are true believers that an approachable and relaxing environment can help improve learning. With this in mind, we leveraged our Preface Coffee & Wine location in Central to offer attendees an experiential “happy hour” seminar unlike any other.


Rather than hosting a typical sit-down session, we guided guests to explore our new Tech X Coffee X Lifestyle venue. Fusing together the brewing of knowledge and coffee, we introduced the concept of AI with a live demo of our pioneering “Code Brew” project, the world’s first-ever AI coffee. While sipping away in relaxation, participants learned how their drink’s recipe was tailored by an AI algorithm that took into account the weather, time, and happiness index of the global news headlines.


In addition to explaining foundational concepts surrounding Big Data and AI, we highlighted businesses use-cases and key takeaways that are applicable to the legal field.


Facts and Figures:

10 attendees across


4.3/5average rating

for the teaching delivery experience

100%of attendees

would recommend this workshop to their colleagues



Client’s Comment:

“It was interesting to see how this course related to my daily work as a research librarian. All packed into a little nice surprise! 



Did You Know?
Machine Learning (a subset field of AI) and law actually share a very similar foundation as both reply on past data and precedents in order to predict future outcomes.
Source: Forbes

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