Corporate Training Project:
Preface Coding X Top 100 QS ranked universities in Hong Kong


Case Study: Programming and application development course for one of the top 100 QS ranked universities in Hong Kong


Client Overview:  

Located in the Kowloon district, our client is one of the leading universities in Hong Kong, with over 80 years of proud tradition and ranking among the world’s top 100 institutions.


Client’s Goal:

Our client aims to find a training partner to:

  1. Inspire students with a new digital mindset and computational skills, encouraging them to acquire and apply effective problem-solving methods proactively.
  2. Equip students with the sufficient knowledge from technical workflow to vocabulary used by software developers in business environments.
  3. Empower students to seek technological solutions to resolve recurrent problems faced in business settings.

Our Solution:

We designed a comprehensive 5-week programming training with a combined approach of theory and application-based lessons.


This training program covered a wide variety of skills, including fundamental computational thinking, UI design, sequential logic, and app development. Throughout the 5-week training, students learnt how to build robust applications and adopt the technical workflow in mobile app development.


As the training is designed for absolute beginners, we divided the program into two stages with regular assessments to ensure the learning progress of the participants are on track:

  1. Stage 1: Experiential Learning – where learners are exposed to core computational concepts, like procedures, loops, if-then-else, database, and CRUD through project-based learning.
  2. Stage 2: Hackathon – where learners are divided into groups and given real-life challenges to solve by applying the acquired technical skills and computational mindset in a business setting.


Facts and Figures:

an average score of 4.1

out of 5 on the practicality and interactiveness of the program.



Client’s Comment:

“The 5-week long program is very insightful and practical. Would definitely recommend this program to my friends. 




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