Innovative Projects:
2021 New Year's Resolution

To bring some new insight to our customers and to celebrate 2021, we launched the 2021 New Year's Resolution Campaign!

Have you passed by our coffee shop in Tin Hau earlier this year? Did you take photos with our decorations and the special coffee cup?

For the new year of 2021, we have launched the 2021 New Year’s Resolution Campaign at Preface Coffee Tin Hau throughout January! For the campaign, we have made our Tin Hau Coffee Shop Instagram-able!

Many customers played our special online test to see which coffee represents their learning style! Inside the test, there are different tech projects in each question for customers to rate their interests! After answering, the test result will show if the customer’s learning behaviour is like an espresso, flat white, green tea latte or other type of coffee.

We are really glad that many customers enjoyed doing the test! Some of them even expressed to us about their interest in exploring the coding projects mentioned, some even have kickstarted on their little tech projects! Many artistic coffee shop customers also drew their new year’s resolutions out, their outstanding works were posted on boards at our coffee shop to bring some colours to our coffee shop!

We really appreciate every customer’s support, and we are looking forward to presenting the next innovative campaign to you!

Wish to see what other innovative projects that we have launched? Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook for our latest news.  

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