Innovative Projects:
2021 New Year's Resolution

To bring some new insight to our customers and to celebrate 2021, we launched the 2021 New Year's Resolution Campaign!

Have you passed by our coffee shop in Tin Hau earlier this year? Did you take photos with our decorations and the special coffee cup?

For the new year of 2021, we have launched the 2021 New Year’s Resolution Campaign at Preface Coffee Tin Hau throughout January! For the campaign, we have made our Tin Hau Coffee Shop Instagram-able!

Many customers played our special online test to see which coffee represents their learning style! Inside the test, there are different tech projects in each question for customers to rate their interests! After answering, the test result will show if the customer’s learning behaviour is like an espresso, flat white, green tea latte or other type of coffee.

We are really glad that many customers enjoyed doing the test! Some of them even expressed to us about their interest in exploring the coding projects mentioned, some even have kickstarted on their little tech projects! Many artistic coffee shop customers also drew their new year’s resolutions out, their outstanding works were posted on boards at our coffee shop to bring some colours to our coffee shop!

We really appreciate every customer’s support, and we are looking forward to presenting the next innovative campaign to you!

Wish to see what other innovative projects that we have launched? Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook for our latest news.  

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編程力量 讓構想逐步實現 隨世界科技的發展,編寫程式不再是程式員的專利,它已成為學童的必修課程。學會編程,究竟可如何利用科技改善生活?從一班Preface Junior Coders 的經歷,或能給大家一點啟發。 這班學生參加Preface的程式班時對老師常用的自動拍卡系統感到興趣,希望學生也能有一個拍卡點名系統,於是萌生編寫一個應用程式來實現想法的念頭。他們的構思是,這個程式可供學生透過掃描二維碼的方式自助簽到,出席或缺席人數將自動於雲端紀錄,方便快捷。 在老師的指導及與Preface Programmer的合作下,學生逐步實踐其構想。他們在設計應用程式時除了要考慮用法、功能和使用者的需要,更要解決如何存取數據等問題,難度實在不少。小至外觀,大至功能,每一個細節皆是學生討論過後的成果。通過不斷的嘗試與解難,他們終於設計出一個令他們滿意的應用程式。為精益求精,他們反覆測試,發掘可改進的地方,務求令程式更優秀,日後供社會廣泛使用。 對於這一班學生的表現,編程導師 Queena表示:「學習編寫程式所得的不僅是親身設計的遊戲或應用程式,而是在過程中如何發揮創意,反思和解難而得的經驗。」 短短一年,學生創造出一個又一個既獨特又富個人風格的應用程式。除遊戲程式外,他們也創造不同的應用程式以解決現實上的問題。由此可見,編程不但能為問題提供解決方案,並擁有改善社區,甚至改變世界的能力。 Preface Junior Coders 除了是程式編寫員,更是發現者和解決者。他們洞悉需要與問題,並嘗試用程式解決問題。
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