The Code Brew Project:
Our A.I. Coffee

The Code Brew Project: Our A.I. Coffee

We proudly present our pioneering A.I. Big-Data Coffee at Preface Coffee:

– a coffee that attunes to the weather, time, and happiness index of the global news headline, crafting the ideal cup of coffee that matches your mood.

The collaboration between Preface Coffee and local youth programmers from Preface Coding!

Have you been lucky enough to have tried our special A.I. Coffee this September/ October? Or have you come across any articles from global and local media channels about our A.I. Coffee?

Just in case you missed it, here’s the recap of our “Code Brew Project” at Preface Coffee – our very own innovative coffee shop! The Big Data A.I. system of our “Code Brew Project” is a one-month effort by a group of young programmers aged 12 to 15.

Their algorithm controls the brewing, the A.I. system created is installed within the store; with data of the current weather condition, time of purchase, and a ‘happiness index” based on the level of angst in global news headlines processed. Based on the above data, the A.I. system brews the ideal here-and-now coffee for its customers.

For instance, when the weather is hot at the time of purchase, the A.I. system will automatically adjust the temperature of the coffee, rendering it cooler than usual. Or, during afternoon or sunset, the A.I. system will lower the caffeine ratio of the coffee in order to avoid causing insomnia. Also, if the happiness index of the global news headline is low, the A.I. system will increase the sweetness of the coffee, or increase the ratio of fruity coffee beans, to brighten up the day.

The coffee recipe is also printed on the coffee cup sleeves, for you to remember the unique memento of the moment. 

Our innovative project has been a great success! It caught the attention of many global and local media.

Wish to see what other innovative projects that we have launched? Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook for our latest news. 

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