Innovative Projects:
"Am I Behind On Tech" Exhibition

With a strong belief in the power of technology, we design technology education that empowers people of this generation to make changes to the world. At Preface Coding, we believe learning should not be confined to a classroom but to learn without borders. To meet the technology trend and connect locals to the globe, we organized our first-ever Preface Coding Tech Exhibition – “Am I Behind On Tech” in Central!

As a place witnessing the city’s changes and growth, Central is filled with unrivaled business opportunities. Yet, it’s observed to be a vivid area, but with missing fuel of technology and data to build continuous innovation. Hence, through this tech exhibition, we hope to share some world-changing knowledge to city dwellers with a brand new tech learning experience.

During the 4 days of exhibition, we gathered professionals from various work fields including Banking, Finance, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Medical, Education, etc. It is truly invigorating to meet all those passionate individuals who are craving for technological knowledge and gather here with the same excitement in learning. We didn’t merely create a space for exhibition, but a new form of classroom in which everyone is free to learn, express and share.

In this exhibition, we hope our audiences understand how Data Science, A.I. and Machine Learning have heavily blended together in our everyday lives, and also the importance of mastering such technological skills. The installations in our exhibition covered how different machine learning models work, from data collection to data analysis. We also showcased how tech giants make use of A.I. and Machine Learning technologies to gain actionable insights and better improve their businesses in today’s data-driven world.

The four installations in our exhibition including:

  • How does Gmail spot spam mails like humans?
  • Banks are using machines to predict whether you will repay loans.
  • Machines read customer emotions better than you.
  • Computers: “We read like you, and we see like you.”

Our event was very successful and we would like to thank you all for your support and we really appreciate media attention from different publishers. We gained different media exposure from this successful exhibition. Wish to see how we were featured in media publishers? Check out more of our media coverage from our Newsroom!

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