“A lot of people think that programming is very difficult, but in reality, most of the people can handle it well.”

“It is all about finding the right approach, the right way to teach.”, said Sherman.

Have you noticed our coffee shop Preface Coffee is now more colourful than ever? In partnership with 華納香港外語音樂 Warner Music HK International and the English electronic music duo HONNE, we are launching the “Pair Your Coffee With Music” time-limited project.

We proudly present our pioneering A.I. Big-Data Coffee at Preface Coffee.

A coffee that attunes to the weather, time, and happiness index of the global news headline, crafting the ideal cup of coffee that matches your mood. 

Preface Coding abandons the old style of education that is no longer relevant in a world where technology proliferates.

The outcome is a new occupation called Nomad Instructors. They represent how education should, and will be. Not bound by any geographical locations, Nomad instructor can wake up in a new city, teach a learner by day, fly to another city for the next teaching opportunity by night. A high level of personalisation is ensured in both the learning and teaching experience.