Early Summer Online Experience Day

Work from home is not a problem, if your kids are coding animations, games, apps, and NFTs right next to you! With the arrival of early summer, Preface offers you Online Experience Day to have a taste of what coding experience is like for your beloved kids.

Preface's summer bootcamps

Preface always believes the importance of early childhood education, with our recently launched summer boot camps, children have the opportunity to be exposed to tech and programming while having lots of fun with other children online! Don’t miss out on our unique NFT for Youth course where students get to create their own digital art while learning about the basics of blockchain.

Imagine this you get to WFH in peace on your laptop while your kid is coding animations, games, apps, and NFTs right next to you! 

Want to get a taster of what the Preface learning experience is like? Join us for one of our upcoming Free Online Experience Day https://lnkd.in/g4y9kfVi

For corporates looking to support their working-parent employees during these challenging pandemic times, reach out to us at corporate@preface.education to learn more! 

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