Our Nomad Instructor's Story: Sherman, the Motivating Data Science Expert

About Sherman

Data Scientist at Accenture Experienced | Personalised | Motivated

The strong technical Background of sherman

After graduating with a Master of Science in computer engineering from Boston University, with a short period of time working as a Teaching Assistant in the university, Sherman went straight into the field of Machine Learning and Data Science.

“As a Data Scientist, Sherman described his daily life as “interacting with computers during most of his time.”

Human > Computer

Hoping to engage more with people instead of computers, and more importantly, with an aim to transfer the coding knowledge to others, Sherman joined Preface Coding and became one of our Nomad Instructors.

“A lot of people think that programming is very difficult, but in reality, most of the people can handle it well.”, said Sherman.

“I believe coding will be a very important component in the students’ lives, and it’s not just coding itself, it’s also about a way of thinking."

Aim To Cure Students' Coding Fear

The fear of coding from most people can be chased all the way back to our experiences with traditional education. “I think most of us have first-hand experiences in how bad schools are in teaching. Back in school, it’s more of a cookie-cutter approach where you have basically only one way of conveying a concept to people.” The “One to Many” teaching approach failed in building the connectivity and relevancy of coding with students from various backgrounds; and addressing the learning needs of each individual.

Having experienced the way traditional schools teach students, Sherman adopted an experimental approach in teaching. “It is all about finding the right approach, the right way to teach.”, said Sherman. And, this is his secret recipe to make coding accessible to every individual.

In Preface, it’s all about experimentation until you find the most appropriate approach for the students.

-- Sherman Sze

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