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Sometimes when you let your excuses and fears get in the way, you miss out another eye-opening adventure.

If you still think of a teacher as someone who works inside a brick-walled school constantly dealing with insane pressure from demanding parents, bureaucratic school system and endless assessments, read on.

Preface is a new form of school invented in and for the 21st century. It abandons the old style of education that is no longer relevant in a world where technology proliferates.

The outcome is a new occupation called Nomad Teachers. They represent how education should, and will be. Not bound by any geographical locations, Nomad teacher can wake up in a new city, teach a learner by day, fly to another city for the next teaching opportunity by night. A high level of personalisation is ensured in both the learning and teaching experience; learners can learn a lot more in a comfortable pace, and teachers no longer work under unjustified pressure. Result: there’ll be no more victims from an ineffective education system that fails to meet personal needs.

Today, our Nomad Teachers are here to share their new journey with a new identity —

Thomas Wong, Nomad Teacher — Scratch, App Inventor

“Being professional can also mean limiting oneself solely in a field. My profession is highly specialised, I am trained to fly planes, and only of one model of aircraft. While I enjoy the job security and perks my profession offer, I crave for a lifestyle that ignites my inner yearning for spontaneity and excitement. Therefore, I live my life around adventures. Travelling to exotic places or joining outdoor activities, indulging myself in learning things that are totally out of my work sphere are essentials in my life.”

During his monthly time off that lasts for two weeks, Thomas enjoys taking up new challenges — from joining esports activities, learning blockchain technology to teaching children programming wherever he goes. Knowing his abilities in acquiring skills out of his profession, Thomas attends programming and teaching training from time to time so that he can best equip himself to share knowledge with the children around the world. The experience allows him not only to catch up with the latest trends but also earn extra budget for whatever trips he is planning to go.

Samuel Wong, Nomad Teacher — App Inventor

“I’ve always enjoyed immersing in the full process of designing and building products from scratch and bringing them to fruition. I can safely say that having the ability to code takes the whole design experience to the next level. Once you have the skills, all you need is a computer — a piece of relatively low-cost equipment, to create impressive digital products once thought to be impossible. That to me should be every designer’s dream.”

With over 10 years of product design experience in the service industry, Sam has developed a keen sense for product and service creations. As an avid digital and physical builder, Sam has always been looking for ways to enhance his skills to build, teaching himself coding languages such as HTML and Javascript as the need for technology grows stronger and stronger over the years. As a Nomad Teacher, Sam sees the introductory prototype-building programming software, namely App Inventor, as the ideal tool that gradually introduces budding creators to coding languages and also develops their design thinking abilities.

Queena Ling, Nomad Teacher — App Inventor, Ruby-on-Rails

“The ever-increasing technological advancements in today’s society has left the manipulation of technology as the deciding factor for success across a wide range of industries. Understanding how technology can work for you will ultimately differentiate you from your competition, whether you are facilitating decision making processes or communicating with programmers. Soon, your competition will not only come from other people, but also from the technology itself. This resonates with the students I came across in the Nomad programme too — many are working professionals themselves, looking to get ahead in their industries by learning to code.”

Fuelled by the desire to step out of her comfort zone, Queena left her job at a renowned global bank five years ago to join Preface. Her involvement in various education and technology projects as a strategic and marketing manager has seen her gain valuable knowledge and insight across different industries, where she has also witnessed continuous growth in demand for coding knowledge. As a Nomad Teacher, Queena not only helps professionals from all walks of life to empower themselves through coding but also draws inspiration from the exchanges she has with her students.

If you’d like to know how to become a Nomad Teacher, contact [email protected] now for more details.

Remember, you are just _this close_ to a life full of amazing adventures.

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