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Future-Proof Your Child's Tech Skills

Up-to-date curriculum in AI, coding, design, and engineering — bridging theory and practice for the next generation's success.
Welcome to our Regular Programme for kids - a comprehensive tech learning experience designed to unlock your child's potential.
The All-In-One Tech Learning Journey Start In 3 Steps!
Discover fascinating tech topics from our thoughtfully selected 4 streams - Fun and up-to-date content guaranteed!
Master the extensive tech knowledge in the stream to qualify for the Grand Tech Expo.
Show and present your tech skills and innovative ideas at our top-rated hackathons and competitions.
Step 1: Pick a Stream To Kickstart Your Journey
In a fast-paced, tech-driven world, we offer 4 carefully selected streams to help your kids become subject-matter experts with fun and progressive learning experiences.
Code Engineering
Engineering the Digital World - The Future is in Code
Focuses on building a strong foundation in coding and practical application development, helping children develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to excel in the field. Give your child a head start in coding now!
Prompt Engineering
Powering Efficiency and Innovation - The Future of Problem-Solving
Centered around AI tools like ChatGPT with coding language to teach students how to create interactive applications. By mastering the art of prompting, children enhance user experience and harness the power of AI. Co-pilot with AI for next-level coding now!
Creative Media Design
Elevate Your Visual Storytelling - Where Creativity Meets Technology
Discover Generative AI tools and create innovative art portfolios; Develop video skills for compelling content while learning various art history and styles. Unlock your artistic potential now!
Aerospace & Robotics
Push the Boundaries of Flight - Where Science Takes to the Skies
Who doesn't love space and robotics? Explore and equip hands-on STEM experience by teaching astronomy theories and applications and challenging students to build a fully functional satellite. Join and launch your child's passion for space now!
Step 2: Complete 5 modules to gain a deeper understanding of the stream
Milestones per Stream
Modules per Milestone
Hours per Module
Step 3: Showcase Your Skills At The Grand Tech Expo
Bringing our students from inside the classrooms to the real world, we provide young learners with the opportunity and skills to build meaningful projects as part of their tech portfolio. Preface’s extensive corporate network provides the best platform for students to gain valuable global experiences and exposure.
The world is your stage for showcasing your skills! Find out about upcoming events and hackathons now!
Past Hackathons & Events With Our Partners
South China Morning Post
In partnership with SCMP, Preface hosted young readers and curious coders to develop critical and logical thinking skills through a Design Thinking workshop, all with a splash of creativity! Through stimulating their curiosity and observation skills, students proposed practical, tech-driven solutions to actual business challenges.
Alibaba Cloud
What goes on behind the world's largest e-commerce sales day happening on November 11th each year on Taobao? The answer is cloud computing! In collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, we hosted an exclusive hackathon for children to explore cloud technology and the fascinating world of ecommerce that surrounds them.
Students' Achievements
Star student Boris Lo was featured in the SCMP Young Post
Boris Lo, was invited by SCMP to share his views on Web3 to the readers of the leading publication. Being known for his community and impact-driven tech projects in the past, he provides a unique perspective from the younger generation on the development of technology.
6-year-old's game applauded in Japan!
Not too young to code! A 6-year-old student amazed everyone with her programming proficiency by coding a game that was proudly showcased at Scratch Day Japan, Asia's largest young coders’ event. Using the camera sensor for control, players swipe bugs off the screen, creating a highly interactive gaming experience.
Coding buddies recreate Google's T-rex Runner
Nathaniel and Edison, our talented star coders, recreated the popular game "T-Rex runner" in a remarkable display of coding mastery. In just 2-hours using pair-programming, they transformed a single player game into a 2-player version that was displayed through a physical arcade station at Preface Coffee and Wine, a unique avenue for our students to showcase their creations to the general public.
Hands-On Learning and Real-World Skills: Preparing Future Innovators for Tomorrow with Preface
We empower innovators everywhere to turn today's problems into tomorrow's solutions - where creativity meets technology.