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Every new invention and technological advancement is built upon the foundation of CO-DE. However, the true secret to the success of every tech titan lies in their approach to creating each individual line of code. At Preface, we have a different way to see CO-DE.

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Computational Thinking
Language X Tech
Language x Tech

Be the Next Prompt Engineer


4+ | ScratchJR - Adventure in Storyland

Craft and animate your own tales and enhance your language skills through engaging play.

  • Analyse human impact, propose sustainable solutions, and inspire positive change.
  • Foster environmental awareness with real-world sustainability scenarios and encouraging logical reasoning.
  • Create captivating interactive stories with Scratch JR to raise awareness and promote sustainability.
Math X Tech
Math x Tech

Be the Next STEM Programmer


4+ | Hopscotch - Math Game

Turn basic arithmetics and geometry into playful challenges wtih Hopscotch!

  • Master advanced programming techniques and logic structures in Hopscotch.
  • Strengthen logical thinking abilities through analysing cause-and-effect relationships, making logical decisions, and optimising gameplay mechanics to master the cosmic challenges encountered.
4+ | Hopscotch - Math Game
Art X Tech
Art x Tech

Be the Next Creative Designer


4+ | Hopscotch - Drawing Game

Create kaleidoscope-like patterns and more with code!

  • Spark critical thinking and problem-solving through a sustainability-focused hackathon.
  • Uncover environmental impact and drive innovative solutions.
  • Showcase programming expertise by creating captivating and interactive hopscotch games with a sustainable twist.
4+ | Hopscotch - Drawing Game
Game X Tech
Game x Tech

Be the Next Game Developer


4+ | ScratchJR - Game Creation

Discover the essential components behind entertaining games!

  • Develop a solid foundation in block-based programming through ScratchJr.
  • Blend A.I. principles with looks and sound blocks for dynamic narration.
  • Develop storytelling skills by creating interactive and engaging narratives.
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Learning Journey
Day 1
Foster Creativity + Confidence

Cultivating problem-solving abilities through effective questioning step-by-step.

Day 2-4
Practice + Feedback

Multiple checkpoints to make sure each learner is on the right track.

Day 5
Final Project + Tech News Sharing

Fun project to present which consolidates concepts learned with a big satisfaction smile.

September 2024
Graduation Expo

Show and present your tech skills and innovative ideas with families and friends!

Upcoming Experience Day

An Epic Tech Adventure Suitable for Ages 4 - 18

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