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Safety Protocols

Covid Contingency Measure

Last updated on 1 July 2020
Enjoy your coding journey and to worry less! To prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Preface Coding is following the “Health Advice to School” from ‘Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection’. In light of the latest development of the Covid-19, we have tried our best to make adjustments, to ensure the safety of our students. Thus, we are now running hybrid classes for you /your kids to learn from home or on campus with small classes, allowing students to learn both online and in-person according to their preferred way.
Switching From In-person to Online
We understand that under the current situation, you might not be comfortable to learn on campus, that’s why we provide the option that students can choose to learn coding from home. No extra fee will be charged to change your class from in-person to online.
Being Flexible In Class Re-arrangement
We also provide flexibility for your class arrangement. There is an option that you can save the credit and join a later bootcamp whenever you feel comfortable to attend the classes again. We will roll out more camps at later dates just in case. We are also taking a number of hygiene measures to ensure the learning environment is safe enough to protect every student.
Before Class:
- Body temperature screening will be conducted at campus entrance, any person with fever (above 37.5) or respiratory symptoms will not be allowed to enter the school

- All persons entering the school must use the provided hand sanitiser

- All persons on site MUST wear a surgical mask properly

- All persons entering to the campus are required to fill Mandatory Health Declaration

- All persons are not allowed to enter campus if they have traveled abroad within last 14 days
During Class:
- Hand sanitisers will be placed in every classroom, performing hand hygiene anytime

- Classroom space will be maximised to ensure a proper physical distance among students

- Eating is not allowed in the classroom to ensure the safe learning environment

- If a student becomes unwell during class, parents will be notified to take their child earlier
School Environment:
- Classroom facilities will be frequently cleaned and disinfected to ensure high standard of cleanliness and hygiene
We wish we can provide all possible support you need, to ensure your high-quality learning experience. Continuously, we will monitor and respond proactively in regards to the status of the most up-to-date situations in our community.