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Investing in your employees' technological skills is investing in the future of your organisation. We are your dedicated partner in empowering your team to embrace digital transformation, drive innovation, and stay ahead of the competition.

Invest in Your Talents to Build a

Tech-Enabled Workforce.


of employees believe workplace training impacts their job engagement positively.


of employees would stay longer at a company if it offered learning and development opportunities


of young workers admit that digital skills will be essential for their careers

Talent Upskilling

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Talent Upskilling


In today's fast-paced technology landscape, continuous learning and upskilling are vital to staying competitive. Our upskilling training programs are designed to equip your teams with the most on-trend and relevant technology knowledge and skills, based on the latest technology talks-of-the-town.

  • Tailored to your team's learning needs and objectives
  • Programs available for both non-technical and technical staff
  • Diverse training formats available:
    • Lunch-and-Learns
    • Hands-On Workshops
    • Intensive Bootcamps
    • Customised Tech Training Engagements
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Talent Onboarding

When it comes to onboarding new talent and building a tech-enabled workforce, we believe in setting a strong foundation. Every new team member that joins your organization will go through our meticulously designed onboarding training program to ensure they are tech-equipped and up to speed.

We cover essential technology concepts applicable to your industry and tools that are crucial for their roles, enabling them to hit the ground running from day one.

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Talent Onboarding

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Why Preface

The Most On-Trend Tech Content

Our finger is always on the pulse. With our in-house content development team and a rigorous training content creation process, we are committed to delivering the most in-demand and on-trend tech subjects, along with business-relevant insights.

We move as fast as the tech landscape moves so that your organisation and talents will always stay ahead of the curve. Discover our proprietary, tech-driven content-creation process.

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Industry Relevance & Business Applications

We understand that each organisation and each industry is unique. That's why we tailor our training programs to align with your specific business objectives and industry demands. Whether it's onboarding training for new hires or upskilling programs to enhance your team's capabilities, we ensure that our training is relevant and relatable to your employees' daily work.

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Flexible Training Format

We offer flexible training delivery options to suit your organisation's needs. Whether you prefer on-site training at your office or virtual training sessions or even lifestyle-learning experiences at our Preface Coffee & Wine venues, we can accommodate your preferences and ensure an enjoyable learning experience for your team.

Expert Instructors

Not only are our expert instructors tech savvy, engaging, and passionate, they are also industry practitioners and leaders in their own field, bringing your team a learning experience that is infused with powerful knowledge and valuable business insights.

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Case Studies


We hosted the HSBC Generations team for a timely and engaging training session on Generative AI, hosted at our very own Preface Coffee & Wine space.

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We provided a holistic and progressive training program for L'Oreal staff on Generative AI, including a 101-level webinar pairewith a unique AI Coffee experience, followed by a 201-level hands-on prompting workshop.

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In support of the luxury brand's Web3 and NFT initiative for customers, Preface was the appointed education partner for training both their frontline and office staff to understand Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, and their current business applications.

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Preface hosted a three-part design thinking workshop for AXA to inspire and enable their staff to build an internal Staff Engagement App. Participants acquired the soft skills, problem-solving framework, and mindset necessary to solve user problems surrounding digital products.

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Beyond Corporate Training

Tech-Lifestyle Brand Collaborations

Searching for innovative ways to incorporate technology elements into your upcoming marketing campaigns or events? With a proven track record of collaborating with clients spanning various sectors - from financial services to luxury retail - we work with partners to craft impactful tech-meets-lifestyle experiences that make the best use of the holistic Preface ecosystem, including our Preface Coffee & Wine venue.

Past Partnerships Include: IWC Schaffhausen, Samsung, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

See the case studies:HSBCL'OrealIWC SchaffhausenAXA

Employees' Benefits & Kids Offerings

Enhance your employees' benefits program to meet the demands of the tech-driven era. Empower your workforce to thrive professionally with our comprehensive tech upskilling courses. Take it a step further by enriching your staff's children's intellectual development with engaging STEM experiences. Discover more about our offerings today.


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