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Preface is not just your typical corporate training company. Discover how you can work with us to achieve your business objectives. From mass marketing campaigns to thought leadership events and CSR engagements, the potential is limitless.

Tech-Lifestyle Brand Collaborations

Searching for innovative ways to incorporate technology elements into your upcoming marketing campaigns or events? With a proven track record of collaborating with clients spanning various sectors - from financial services to luxury retail - we work with partners to craft impactful tech-meets-lifestyle experiences that make the best use of the holistic Preface ecosystem, including our Preface Coffee & Wine venue.

We actively work with our partners to co-create tech-centric marketing campaigns that go beyond traditional approaches. By combining our expertise in tech learning with the strategic offline touchpoint of Preface Coffee & Wine, we create a truly immersive and engaging environment where customers can explore, learn, and connect with brands and products in a meaningful way.

Education as a Marketing Tool

Preface x IWC Schaffhausen
“The Colours of Top Gun”

IWC Preface Event
IWC Preface Event
In August 2022, Swiss luxury watches brand IWC Schaffhausen partnered with Preface to bring to life "The Colors of TOP GUN” campaign at Preface Coffee & Wine Causeway Bay and Central. The 360-degree collaboration was a tech-meets-luxury-lifestyle experience that featured immersive in-store digital touchpoints, Web3 education sessions, NFT activations, and an exclusive branded metaverse tour with VR.

Preface Coffee & Wine Design Makeover and Limited Menu Items

  • Colour-themed design makeover at both Preface Coffee and Wine Causeway Bay and Central.
  • Special campaign-themed F&B menu based on the 4 colour themes fo the Top Gun watch collectiona.

Immersive Tech-Driven, Entertaining Experiences in Store

  • A guided immersive VR Metaverse experience.
  • Virtual try-on of watches via AR app.
  • Collection of the IWC NFT Hong Kong token to unlock special perks and utilities.

Combining Education and Entertainment for VIP Customers and Their Family

Wine & Learn” Series
  • As an integral element of the campaign, VIP guests learned about the latest Web3 buzzwords while tasting a curated list of fine Swiss wines at Preface Coffee & Wine CWB.
  • Seamlessly tying in with the wine tasting portion of the experience, we introduced how blockchain tech has been applied in the wine industry and other real-world contexts.
Kids NFT Workshops for VIPs
  • As an exclusive privilege for IWC's VIPs, we extended the Web3 education experience to their children through fun, educational, and kids-friendly NFT workshops.
  • Children were introduced to the basic concepts of blockchain and had the opportunity to design their own NFT art.

Preface × J.P. Morgan Asset Management —
“Fuelling you with Tech and Market Insights”

JPM Logo
JPM Event
As the world continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and market trends is more crucial than ever for professionals across all industries.

Combining the strength of the leader in finance, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and our technology content expertise at Preface, we collaborate to provide the best content for patrons with a lifestyle and coffee take at Preface Coffee & Wine Central, the financial centre of Hong Kong.

Financial Market and Technology Insights Hub

Preface Coffee & Wine acts as a hub for patrons interested in investing as well as technology trends in Central, the CBD financial centre of Hong Kong. In addition to in-store Preface TechBites videos and J.P. Morgan Staff on-site to offer insights, patrons could interact with each other as a casual coffee networking opportunity.

tOnline-Offline Experience: Redeem Coffee Upon Online Subscription

Customers were offered a complimentary coffee of choice upon signing up for J.P. Morgan Market Insights platform and newsletter, while also being treated to a 3-month free subscription to Preface TechBites, blending a truly online-offline experience with a lifestyle approach.

Employees’ Benefits & Kids Offerings

Diversify the offerings in your employees’ benefits programme. Empower your employees to grow professionally through our tech upskilling courses whilst also providing support in their needs and responsibilities outside of work, including families and children.
As a value-added service and engagement touchpoint for the VIP customers of HSBC Life, Preface provided an exclusive SummerEducation Offer for redemption. Children from ages 3-16 enrolled in a 2-hour coding experience session where they were introduced to the foundation of programming concepts and were able to create their own mini game projects.
HSBC Preface Event
Blackrock Logo
During the challenging 5th wave of the COVID pandemic, BlackRock looked to Preface for a 4-week kidscoding program as an initiative to support working parents amidst the sudden "early summer" period in Hong Kong.
BlackRock Preface Event

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