About Preface Workshop

Preface Workshops are held regularly at Preface Coffee to engage learners in conversations on emerging knowledge that is essential for the tech era. In these workshops, learners will find themselves gaining new knowledge while having a good brew in a cosy environment together with other like-minds.

Who should come:
  • Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
  • Startup Teams
  • Business Strategists
  • Senior Executives
  • Marketing Specialists

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

About Hackathon

Preface Hackathon is an activity-based coding class held monthly at Preface for youngsters to learn and practice programming skills. Each Hackathon runs a different theme around which our students will use their creativity to build hardware or software products. Anyone - even those without any coding experience - is welcomed to join Preface Hackathon to seize the opportunity and gain practical experience.

Can my kid join without learning coding?

Yes, Hackathon is an event where there will be lecture and game booth to learn about something new.

Check below for event details and purchase link.

Previous Hackathon

Theme: Create a Halloween application that utilises Machine Learning elements. It’s the Halloween season and Preface Hackathon is infested by a bunch of friendly ghosts. We’re recruiting App Inventor and Scratch students to find these ghosts using machine learning!


Description: This year many friendly ghosts hide themselves inside QR codes, with bulging bellies full of CANDIES. The mission of our ghost busters (App Inventor students) is to rescue as many candies as possible from these ghosts. Students will learn and build a mobile app that makes use of QR code scanning and machine learning functions to accomplish their mission in the Halloween-themed campus.


Description: Physical Halloween costumes are so predictable. Let’s create your very own digital costume using facial recognition technology! Students will learn how to design and wear their own digital costumes using Scratch, and build interactive Halloween games using facial recognition and body movements.