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We all learn differently, and that's okay.

Our Learning Philosophy

Not all brains are designed to crunch textbooks and lecture videos alone. Especially when you're new in the topic, you need real human support. Our educators in Preface are here to help you learn effectively in your own way.

Join our bootcamps to learn with like-minded pals, or get our undivided attention with private 1-on-1 classes. Online or in-person, it's your call. No matter what you pick, you'll get a blend of experiential and problem-based education, that's just right for you.

Tommie Lo
Founder and Head of Teaching
How it works
Preface's proven learning methodology
Personalised Curriculum
Engineer your unique path

We tailor individual learning paths and map the right knowledge points centered to your learning goals, providing just what you need to learn, at the right time.
Perfect pairing from the start

Our smart matching system evaluates your traits, background and learning styles, matching you to the right instructor, always.
Accelerate learning outcome

With learning data and insights from our students worldwide, we are fueled with data-driven feedback and recommendations to ever-improve the curriculum.
Immersive Learning
Engaging by design

Surround yourself into the culture of what you want to master, including the experts, the like-minded people and the content.
Gradual learning curve

We strive to make our programs as welcoming as possible. You'll learn fundamental concepts with advanced exercises, so you can assimilate new ideas with ease.
We learn best by doing

No matter your experience level, you'll be writing real, working code hands-on. Practice every lesson for better knowledge retention.
Get Real-world Experience
Theory + Practice

You don't just learn theories, you also implement them by solving real-world challenges. This helps you understand why you are learning them.
Real world assignments

We will assign you complex assignments that pushes you to the limit. You will approach them like a working professional by building and deploying live projects into the wild.
Portfolio projects

You decide what you want to build, and your mentor will be personally engaged by providing feedback on all your deliverables.
Powerful Support Team

A team built around your success
Your dedicated team is focused entirely on you. From day-to-day mentor guidance, to career coaching throughout the program and beyond, you're never without support.
Student Success Manager
Your in-built problem solver. They are here to help with time management, tech issues, and more.
Tutors + Mentors
Connect with our expert educators. Ask questions and get feedback at your own schedule.
Get help when you need it.

Live 1-on-1 office hour
Live debugging in class
Review sessions
Screen sharing
Find your perfect path
Our Admissions Representatives are ready to help you get started.