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Our Coding Instructors

At Preface, we hold our instructors to the highest standards because we know they are an integral component to a quality learning experience.

Top 1.5% Educator + Practitioner

Preface Coding follows a strict 4-step recruitment process to ensure students get the top instructors as well as learning experience.
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We know the instruction you receive can make or break your learning experience. For that reason, we put great importance on our instructor selection. It’s not only about their talent, but also their drive to help students excel.

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Meet Our Instructors

Sherman Sze
Data Scientist at Accenture

Having worked as a data science analyst in a global technology services company and a machine learning engineer in an IoT startup, Sherman has over 4 years of experience developing features and shipping AI models catering different corporate needs.

Being graduated from Boston University with a major in Computer Engineering, he masters a wide range of programming languages, including Python, C++, Swift and SQL, has helped him to mentor working professionals who want to apply programming at the workplace.

Sherman is a patient and empathetic teacher, who makes programming knowledge easy to absorb and applicable in learners' life.

Audrey Poon
Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University

As the founder of a genetic research consultancy company, Audrey has dealt with data for the majority of her professional life. In realising that data science was the way forward in her field of genetic research, Audrey took upon programming and excelled at it. As a result, her understanding of Python not only extends towards the curriculum taught at Preface Coding, but particularly towards real life application.

An invaluable asset in Audrey's teaching skill set is her wealth of experience. Having accumulated two postdoctoral fellowships from McGill and Harvard University, she is able to accompany her programming teaching along with general life mentorship. Her illustrious research career has also meant that she has taught and advised a countless number of peers, including both youth and adults. As such, her experience with people coupled with her observant nature lets her to understand her students much more than a regular teacher would, allowing her to work on their weaknesses and build on their strengths.

Audrey has a calm, patient but thorough teaching style. She is able to adapt to different students' abilities and is particularly capable of handling students who would like to learn more about the computational logic side of programming.

Preface’s teaching staffs come from some of the most innovative places
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