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International Programme 2024

A once in a lifetime opportunity to experience coding and traveling!

Introducing Preface International Programme 2024

The World Is Our Classroom

After the successful 2023 edition, Preface returns with the International Programme 2024, featuring a new curriculum and a bolder vision to inspire transformative action in our students.

In a swiftly evolving world, learning transcends borders. The International Programme 2024 offers an unmatched blend of exploration and education. Students venture into AI, coding, gaming, robotics, and sustainable development, guided by adept mentors. This journey not only imparts crucial skills but also uncovers endless possibilities.

Our enduring partnership with UNESCO HK Glocal Peace Centre continues, positioning students at the forefront of global problem-solving.

Join us in Preface International Programme 2024 - an adventure that transforms perspectives, sparks change, and shapes a brighter tomorrow. Embrace boundless knowledge and harness the power to create impact.

Why Choose Preface International Programme

Experienced Faculty
Our tours are guided by industry leaders, guaranteeing a rewarding learning journey for each student.
Hands-on Learning
Emphasize the practical, project-based approach to learning, showcasing real-world applications of AI, coding, gaming, robotics, and sustainable development.
Global Exposure
Explore diverse cultures, tech ecosystems and fostering a global perspective and network.
Partnership with UNESCO HK Glocal Peace Centre
Channel your skills towards Sustainable Development Goals, creating lasting impact and meaningful change.

Our Programme

Summer Edition


10 Days


1. 8 July - 17 July, 2024 (Closed)

2. 27 July - 5 August, 2024


Creative Media With AI And UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals

Internation Programme

Hear the feedback

Ms. Mitzi Leung
Ms. Mitzi Leung.
Vice President UNESCO Hong Kong Association and Founding Chair of Rotary Action Group for Peace Hong Kong & Macao chapter

"A unique learning experience for our young people applying technology and AI on a subject area 'water' which is of great importance to the sustainability of our planet Earth."

Mr. Eugene Fong
Mr. Eugene Fong.
Partnership Engagement Chair of UNESCO Hong Kong Association Glocal Peace Center

"All our young participants were most enthusiastic to learn about the latest technology and super eager to show us how they would like to make this world a better place with what they have learned."

Christine and Aric.
Aric & Christine
Parents of Caleb from UK tour

"These study tours are great to foster independent and confidence, so the next time when Preface have these programmes, we love to recommend to every parent."

"Nothing is better than a study tour the kid can learn, have fun, and develop as a whole person."

Michael Tam
Michael Tam.
Global Executive Design Director, IBM iX

"The kids really show their creativity, storytelling, and understanding of who they are designing the solutions for. If I were a kid, I would love to be a part of this program."

Ethan Kwan
Ethan Kwan.
Student from UK tour

"The one thing that was really memorable was going to Google because I have never been to Google Headquarters before and it was really cool."

Daniel Qu
Daniel Qu.
Student from UK tour

"The best thing about the trip was visiting Google and GoodNotes. There was a free lunch at Google and the food was really nice."

From Learning to Application

Preface Nomad Awards

Tech Competition 2024

All ISP students will be enlisted in the Preface Nomad Awards, a year-long coaching and real-life application program designed for young tech passionates to showcase their incredible tech skills and creativity in addressing real-life community challenges.

Through community engagement, training and coaching, city-wide competition, grand finale and exhibition, we aim is to bring together all the kids, corporations, schools and families in a collaborative effort to create a profound and positive impact.

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