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    7 years old

    Elgar is absolutely fascinated by coding. Despite his young age, Elgar is determined to learn Python logic and is enthusiastic about problem-solving. With such boundless curiosity in the world of coding, it led him to join the International Summer Program (Japan) where he eagerly explored new coding challenges!

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    Year 6 at VSA

    Curtis has been on an exciting learning journey with Preface for the past 2.5 years. He started with App Inventor and gradually progressed to Python game development, as well as web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Curtis's dedication to making a positive impact was evident when he took part in the UK International Summer Program hackathon, focusing on water sustainability issues.

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    Neo Lung

    14 years old

    Meet one of our star students! With a passion for data science, Neo has excelled in various hackathons and have been recognized for his outstanding skills. In fact, his remarkable abilities have earned him a job shadowing opportunity as a junior intern at Preface!

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    Aison Chiu

    9 years old

    Aison is an attentive and fast learner who excels in collaboration and interaction with peers. His creativity shines through as he delves into JavaScript at a young age.

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