Living a Nomadic Lifestyle in Education

Our Mission

"There isn’t a thing that cannot be learnt,
you just have yet to meet the right teacher."

This audacious education mindset is what our devoted team is bearing.

We didn’t create Preface purely because of our passion to code and teach - in fact quite the opposite. Preface is built around the idea that coding should be learnt by everyone in the way that suits them best. Utilising artificial intelligence technology and an intelligent matching system, we empower thousands of individuals across the globe to deliver knowledge to the right student at a suitable pace, and in the right way.

Who are the Nomad Instructors?

An effective and enjoyable learning experience does not start with the learner, but the instructor. Nomad instructors are here to harness the power of curiosity and build a passionate learning culture. We are recruiting if you share our vision and meet the followings:

Keen on learning new skills

Coding experience is good to have, but not required. You will be able to hone your coding and teaching skills with our training.

Passionate about teaching

“Love what you teach, and they will love it too.” Your genuine passion is what we treasure. Join us and start your nomadic teaching journey.

Join Our Community

Learn what's cool

Coding - the term of the decade, the next universal language. What better chance is there for you to take your first steps to learning in-demand skills in the modern tech era.

Live a lifestyle you love, and get paid

Would you rather teach three lessons a week, or take a week off? It doesn’t matter here, as you’ll have full control over your own schedule under our flexible class matching structure.

We’ve got your back

We’ve got your back

MIT Endorsed

Trained by MIT-trained professionals to provide the best possible educational experience.

Network Building

Immerse in a community of like-minded individuals from all walks of life.

Tech-Savvy Empowerment

Stay technologically updated through conference-based events on tech and curriculum revamps.

Performance-Based Incentives

Your rate may increase in accordance with better performances and increased student trust.

Earning a Decent Income

Ease into our curriculum this summer, and earn up to $8000 per week in the process! It’s up to you how much you earn.

Send your CV now to [email protected]

How does it work?

Start teaching in 3 steps

1 | Let us know who you are

Submit your application form and we will schedule an interview to get to know you more.

2 | Training and assessment

You will initially attend 16 hours of training and have a final assessment.

3 | Welcome your first student

Once you have passed the above, you’ll start your teaching journey!

Our Instructor Stories

Sabrina teaches to empower herself and the next generation.

“It was the opportunity to dive into the world of technology. I felt that it was a perfect way for me to upskill myself, especially given my background in teaching.”

/ Sabrina /

Learn Sabrina's teaching journey


Yes, you are. Scratch and App Inventor are block-based programming interfaces created for children and novice programming learners to understand the fundamental concepts in computer programming. We will equip you not only with the knowledge but also teaching skills through the training.

A support hotline and email are provided so that you can ask questions concerning the contents before class. Besides, lessons are initially conducted at or near our headquarters. We will stand by for support.

As the content and interface for courses are different, trainers are required to attend other training sessions if they wish to choose other streams.

We strongly recommend a learning schedule of having at least one lesson per week regularly for students, and we try to arrange the same teacher for the students if possible. Thus we would also expect teachers to teach at least one class per week for the maximum benefit of students.

Yes, you will need a computer to show lesson slides and demonstrations. However, if your teaching location is at Preface headquarters, you can reserve a device prior to the class.