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Your best second job starts here

Imagine a future, where learning takes place anytime, where teaching takes place anywhere, where education is redefined. Join Preface Coding, be our coding tutor.
A technology education that makes personalized learning scalable
Preface Coding is built around the idea that coding should be learnt by everyone in the way that suits them best. Utilising artificial intelligence technology and an intelligent matching system, we empower thousands of individuals across the globe to deliver knowledge to the right student at a suitable pace, and in the right way.
Preface’s teaching staffs come from some of the most innovative places
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Why Teach at Preface?,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-1.png 1x,,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-1_2x.png 2x - 0
Upskilling Opportunities
Pick up new perspectives and hone your technical skills with our on-going trainings and conference-based events in our coffee hubs at the heart of the city.,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-2.png 1x,,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-2_2x.png 2x - 1
On-Site/Online Teaching
We offer on-site and online classes. You can teach, interact and connect with your students in-person or virtually from wherever you choose.,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-3.png 1x,,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-3_2x.png 2x - 2
Local & Global Exposure
You can immerse yourself in our globally expanding community to be peers of instructors from different fields and cities.,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-4.png 1x,,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-4_2x.png 2x - 3
Competitive Pay
We value the time, effort and knowledge our instructors pass onto students and compensate you according to your performances and increased student trust.,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-5.png 1x,,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-5_2x.png 2x - 4
Flexible Schedule
From regular weekly classes, bootcamps to corporate trainings, you have full control over your schedule under our flexible matching structure.,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-6.png 1x,,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/recruit/teach-at-preface-6_2x.png 2x - 5
Exclusive Benefits
Stay caffeinated at our coffee shops in Central and Tin Hau. You will enjoy discounted / free coffees and knowledge exchanges at our hubs.

Find The Right Teaching Opportunity For You

Bootcamps & Corporate Trainings
We have bootcamps ranging from 10 hours for kids to 16 hours for adults, and a wide variety of trainings to universities and international corporations. Teaching courses from Scratch Jr to Python and Data Science, you can help others start their programming journey and upskill yourself at the same time.
One-on-one Classes
Our students range from kids to working professionals. In your spare time, you can teach the next generation of leaders while refining your technological skills. Classes are held on evenings, weekends, online and in-person.
Workshops & Events
Stay updated on the latest trends and technology by joining or hosting our Workshops, Trainings or Conferences. Get a chance to connect and share your knowledge with professionals and influencers.
Submit your resume, then we’ll reach out to chat and see if it’s a fit.
You will attend 16 hours of training with a final assessment, to ensure your success in the classroom.
Finally, you can start teaching and become an official member of our instructor community.

Frequently Asked

Am I capable of teaching if I'm totally new to computer science?
What kind of support are you providing?
Can I teach other programming streams too if I initially choose one stream?
How many lessons am I recommended to teach?
Do I need to bring my own device for class?