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Whether the training format is in the form of a ECA programming class, or a day-long experience event, we can conduct our porgrammes on-site at school or at our campus locations.
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Coding Improves Problem Solving Skills
Coding teaches you how to think. During the coding process, you need to give a solution to an issue that involves intensive problem-solving skills. It trains your brain to think deeply, identify the troubles, and break things up, then put the pieces together with a solution. These kinds of troubleshooting skills help you become a smarter person personally and professionally and see a situation from a completely new perspective.
Coding Fosters Creativity
Someone might think coding is boring with standard formulas, but it can be fun and creative. There won’t be the same problems to be resolved every time, you will overcome different kinds of challenges that require new solutions. While working on coding projects, you can make use of your creativity to provide a tailored solution to an issue – and your innovative solution might somehow change the world.
Coding is another language
Language teaches kids how to communicate and strengthens both verbal and written skills. Exposing kids to different languages at an early age helps them to understand the world around them better. Coding has a language all its own. What better way for our children to understand why and how the technology around them operates than by learning to code and speaking to the technology around them?
Top Courses For Kids & Teens
MIT Scratch
Age 3 - 8
MIT App Inventor
Age 9 - 12
Full Stack Web Development
Age 12 - 18
Data Science & A.I. with Python
Age 12 - 18
Course Formats

Scratch Programme (ECA)
16 Hours
Developed by MIT, Scratch is a block-based programming tool for young children to kickstart their coding journey. Preface aims to unleash creativity and sharpen mathematical sense and logical reasoning while empowering students to master computer science knowledge and critical thinking skills by coding games and animations.
Featured Projects
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Pacman
  • Chatbot
  • Pictionary
Learning Roadmap
  1. Stories & Animations
  2. Stories & Animations
  3. Interactive Games
App Inventor Programme (ECA)
16 Hours
Developed by Google and MIT, App Inventor uses intuitive and visualized blocks to take away unnecessary complexity in traditional programming. It flattens the learning curve of a total beginner. Preface empowers learners to build creative games and mobile apps in solving real-life problems using App Inventor.
Featured Projects
  • Pokemon Go
  • Bubble Shoot
  • Web Browser
  • Running Tracker
Learning Roadmap
  1. Foundational concepts
  2. Advanced Gaming
  3. Utility Apps
1 Day Hackathon
4 Hours
This one-day experience provides learners with a gamified programming experience to help them begin their coding journey. Through a carnival-like environment, learners will be introduced to the Scratch, Minecraft or App Inventor interface or programming language, like Python, and learn to code a simple game or animation, with the use of simple blocks. Learners are encouraged to work collaboratively in groups, share ideas and tackle real-life problems through computational solutions.
Featured Projects
  • Dino Jump
  • Fortune Cookies
Key Skills
  1. Design Thinking
  2. Problem Solving
  3. If-then Statements
  4. Loops
Teacher’s Training
4 Hours
We provide hands-on teaching and training (e.g. Teacher’s Development Day, short-term tech training programme) on computational thinking and programming concepts, as well as knowledge talks and forums on the hottest trend in EduTech to sharpen the technical awareness of teachers.
Past Training Topics
  • Education landscapes in Artificial Intelligence
  • Teaching App Inventor in a fun and engaging way
  • Train the trainers
Why Preface
Customized curriculum
From coding projects, lesson pacing, to even your instructor's teaching style, they are all customised to how you prefer to learn.
Well established training experience
Unlike other traditional schools that push kids into standardized learning with rigid lesson plans, we tailor each lesson and calibrate materials based on their performance.
We’ve taught over 1000+ kids
We have provided classes for all age levels. Our instructors helped us “reinvent the wheel” to provide joy, inspiration and training for all our learners.
School Feedbacks
Feedbacks from happy teachers and kids inspire us everyday
We have received a large number of positive responses from our participant students! From their evaluation feedback, all of them would like to recommend this training to their peers!
HKBU Business School
Career Centre Coordinator
Very practical teaching. It's different from the lectures and training in university that I have had before. It allows me to understand the various technologies used in the real world. Now I am convinced I can use a data-driven approach when I build my project next time.
Polytechnic University Student
From Computational Thinking and App Development Training Program
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