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Blockchain - Technology For The Decentralised Future
Blockchain Fundamentals - Knowledge
Explore the backbone of Web3 as powered by the convergence of blockchain technologies. Uncover the fundamentals of this digital revolution by understanding the core components that are enabling larger scale industry disruptions. Grasp keywords such as decentralisation, distributed ledgers, and cryptography and how such concepts are being applied to everyday life.
JavaScript & Solidity Basics - Programming
Begin your programming journey by learning about JavaScript basics. Smoothly transition into the world of Solidity and create your very first smart contracts through hands-on coding sessions. Learn to upload your smart contracts onto the blockchain and view them using blockchain explorers.
Key learnings
Explore why the world needs blockchain technology
Learn how blockchain technology works under the hood and discover how Bitcoin uses blockchain to perform true peer to peer transactions
Understand and learn to have a balanced view of blockchain by learning about the drawbacks and limitations of the technology
Be able to program and deploy basic smart contracts onto a blockchain network
Why Use Blockchain Technology
Blockchain Distributed Ledger
Blockchain Cryptography
Blockchain Structure
Transaction Validation & Digital Signatures
Maintaining the Blockchain
The Role of Miners
The Longest Chain
Modifying the Blockchain
Blockchain Problems
Case Study
How does a company like Walmart utilise blockchain solutions to drastically improve supply chain efficiency?
Learn how Walmart leveraged the power of blockchain technology to reduce 70% of data inefficiencies across an immense supplier network and bolster their position as one of the world's leading companies.
NFT - Redefining Ownership Through Non-Fungible Tokens
NFT Fundamentals - Knowledge
As the value of the NFT market reached a staggering 22bn USD in 2021, NFTs are redefining value in investment portfolios, marketing and community building. Learn about the fundamental concepts behind NFTs and how they are being propelled to such sky-high valuations. See how businesses are quickly incorporating NFTs into their business strategy to create new meanings for authenticity and membership.
Advanced Solidity with NFTs - Programming
Continue to develop on your existing knowledge of Solidity basics. Learn to build simple smart contracts that deal with NFT ownership. Explore how programming facilitaties NFT creation.
Key learnings
Explore what defines an NFT and why we need them
Learn about how Ethereum and smart contracts enabled the invention of NFTs
Understand how everyday businesses are capitalizing on the excitement of NFTs
Defining NFTs
History of NFTs
Ethereum & Smart Contracts
NFT Properties
NFT Production Basics
NFT Value
NFT Problems
Advanced NFTs
NFT in Everyday Life
Case Study
How are retail brands such as Adidas taking advantage of the excitement around NFTs?
Discover how industry leading companies such as Adidas are using NFTs this as part of their long-term game plan to strengthen brand loyalty.
Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, Ether and The World of Tokenomics
Cryptocurrency Fundamentals - Knowledge
The rise of cryptocurrencies is disrupting traditional modes of business transactions and capital fundraising. Explore the world of crypto past the familiar faces of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and see how new and innovative cryptocurrencies are transforming the space from speculative monetary bets to tokens of practical utility. Take a deep dive into various formats of tokenomics to see how cryptocurrencies can create shared incentives across a community.
Advanced Solidity with Crypto - Programming
Continue to develop on your existing knowledge of Solidity basics. Learn to build smart contracts that involve cryptocurrency transfers. Learn to build your own cryptocurrency using open source libraries.
Key learnings
Learn about the different types of cryptocurrencies - payment, infrastructure, financial, exchange, gaming and more!
Understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency analysis, through both off-chain and on-chain analysis
Evaluate and compare the usage of CBDCs with cryptocurrencies
Explore major altcoins and how they are competing for market share
Defining Cryptocurrency
Types of Cryptocurrencies
On-chain & Off-chain Analysis
Consensus Mechanisms
Case Study
How is the Solana blockchain disrupting the traditional finance industry with its speed and security?
Deep dive into Solana, one of the world's fastest-growing blockchains offering cutting-edge transactional speeds, rivaling the likes of VISA and Mastercard with low transaction costs and high network security.
Decentralised Applications - The Building Blocks of Web3
DApp Fundamentals - Knowledge
Uncover how decentralised applications on the blockchain are used to transform user privacy, transparency, censorship, and enable more flexible development. Compare traditional applications with decentralised applications and discover how they are providing a solution to our current world of centralised big tech companies.
Full Stack DApp Development - Programming
Put theory into practice and learn basic front end development to round off your tech stack and build a full stack decentralised application. Learn to utilise the data on the blockchain to display on-chain information on your web application.
Key learnings
Learn the difference between traditional applications and decentralised applications
Explore the advantages of DApps as well as the limitations
Understand the significance of DApps as the building blocks of the Web3 vision
Assess the current situation of the DApps industry and discover which DApps are playing key roles in the push for a decentralised world
What are DApps?
The Web 3.0 Vision
The Need For DApps
DApp Architecture
DApp Industries
DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations)
Case Study
What is DeFi and how are DeFi DApps such as Uniswap planning to disrupt traditional financial services?
Explore the ingenuity of Uniswap, a DApp with one of the highest monthly active users, and how it is providing a framework on what the future of finance should look like.
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