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Full Stack Web Development

Be future-ready in all stacks

Whether you want to become a web programmer, a technical consultant or a project manager who knows a technical project inside out, this programme is the Swiss knife you need to level up your competitiveness in the digital era.
This course will give you an in-depth understanding of both front-end (HTML & CSS) and backend (Python in Django) development with business use cases happening in Silicon Valley. If you're not coming from a technical background, this course would empower you to speak the same language with your tech team, to foster seamless collaboration.

Private class or bootcamp
Best intro to the coding world
Build real-life projects from scratch
One-of-a-kind Experience,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/courses/data-science-1.png 1x,,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/courses/data-science-1_2x.png 2x - 0
Real life exercise
Solve the world’s most interesting problems. We handpick the best real-world projects to ensure you build applicable skills that the industry values.,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/courses/data-science-2.png 1x,,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/courses/data-science-2_2x.png 2x - 1
Learning portal
Sign in to our portal to revise course materials. Practice and apply your skills with our short exercises to consolidate memory.,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/courses/data-science-3.png 1x,,c_limit,f_auto/v1633826301/r2021/assets/images/courses/data-science-3_2x.png 2x - 2
Student success
If you ever find yourself struggling, reach out to our tutors and support team. They are here to help with code review, time management, tech issues, and more.

Python Basics in Web Programming
16 Hours
Foundational Module
Python Basics
A beginner-friendly module that teaches you how to code in Python and work efficiently with big datasets using Google’s Colab. Understand how businesses store, extract and manipulate data through industry use cases and case studies.
Web Scraping with APIs
Learn how to navigate, collect and organize data from various sources like CSV files, APIs. You’ll leverage existing datasets, scrape web data and learn to access useful information in these data structures.
Analyzing Data with Python
Learn how to analyze and harvest clean data sets and create data frames to run basic analysis as well as to perform data reporting using powerful data science libraries like Pandas and Numpy to gain actionable insights for your business.
Intro to Data Visualization
Understand how data scientists present and visualize large datasets across industries. Leverage on Matplotlib to create descriptive and interpretable visuals, enabling you to easily extract relevant information, better understand the data, and make effective decisions.
Pause and resume anytime
All lessons can be taken individually. Fit them into your summer vacations or any schedule you like.
Already know the basics?
If you have some coding experience, you can jump ahead after doing a short interview with us.
Course Format
The lesson schedule and format are highly flexible. Apart from bootcamps, you can choose to learn face-to-face or online (in real-time).
Private Class
In-person, Online
Module 1 - 2
Module 3 - 5
Key learnings
Get a grasp on the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and Bootstrap, to build responsive web applications.
Use Django web framework as the backbone for rapid web development.
Maintain a relational database with SQL and ORM.

Immersive learning at your own pace
Everyone lives life at a different speed, which is why our bootcamp is modular and offered at different paces. Just pick the package that works with your schedule, lifestyle, and learning style.

Days in total

Hours daily

Class Ratio

Happy graduates
Try our 1-hour trial class
HK$ 800
In a 1-on-1 private session, you will grasp the fundamentals of Python and learn about a real-life business use case recommended by our in-house algorithm. You can redeem the trial fee at your next purchase of any course packages. Terms and conditions apply.
Proud Preface Grads
Feedbacks from happy learners inspire us everyday
As a startup founder without technical background, Preface's programming course gave me solid understanding & practical skills about coding, and enabled me to build an effective communication channel with my engineers. Preface is definitely the go-to upskill platform for anyone in the field.
Vincent So
Founder at Inspect Element
I used to think coding is the new & hip trend that only fits young people, but Preface has proven me wrong. The systematic & practical learning system helped me to get my hands on programming seamlessly, and to actually apply to work. How much I love Preface? I applied to both courses.
Bernard Hui
Senior District Director at AIA Hong Kong
The Preface Difference
Come for learning a skill.
Stay for the continual growth.

Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

What is a student portal?
For 1-on-1 classes, how soon can I have my first lesson arranged?
For 1-on-1 classes, what are the days and hours that I can have lessons?
For 1-on-1 classes, how does scheduling work?
For 1-on-1 in-person classes:Book a class, meet and code. Time and location of your choice. We will get in touch to schedule your first lesson and guide you through your learning journey. You'll also receive reminder emails prior to each lesson.For 1-on-1 online classes:Book your class and get online. We will get in touch to schedule your lessons and set you up for the online lessons. You will receive a link in your email 1 day before your class as a confirmation. If you have any questions, please contact us via live chat.
Not sure where to start?

Answer a few questions and a Preface education advisor will work one-on-one to find the right course for your kid.