The Top 5 Metaverse Platforms in 2023 to Watch Out for

No matter whether you believe in this dream-like concept, Metaverse is set to be the most ground-breaking concept worth paying attention to. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Metaverse platforms around the world in 2023 that you should watch out for.

The Top 5 Metaverse Platforms in 2023 to Watch

The Sandbox

Starting as a renowned Ethereum blockchain-based game, Sandbox has shifted to a powerful metaverse platform with its cryptocurrency named SAND. One of the very first metaverse platforms in the entire world, you probably have heard about this platform before since it has been partnering with plenty of big names in diversified industries apart from tech, from finance and real estate to gaming and entertainment, including Hong Kong’s film industry to establish a virtual city.

The Sandbox is considered a life-like and engaging metaverse platform with its ability to enable users to build their pixelated characters, games, or virtual products for the platform. It is also famed for its absolute stability and security, making it a high-profile metaverse platform that you must not neglect.


Decentraland is a virtual destination that enables social functions like conference hosting, game-playing, and virtual product trading from every corner of the world. An early mover in the metaverse world, Decentraland is now a metaverse market leader with continuous growth in users and overall popularity.

The metaverse platform is also known for its cryptocurrency named MANA which could be used to buy virtual plots of land and goods as NFTs on the platform. And most importantly, as its name suggested, currently no single agent has the power to modify Decentraland or prevent anyone from accessing it, making it a real dream come true for web 3.0 believers with freedom promised.

In the past, Decentraland has teamed up with the reputable Australia Open to release a collection of NFTs and organize a virtual tennis competition on the platform. On top of that, NBA champion Stephen Curry along with his sponsorer Under Armour also announced their partnership with Decentraland back in 2021.


What makes Roblox so unique is its decentralized nature. Over 20 million games found on this metaverse platform are created by its users and are completely free to be downloaded and enjoyed. The community-driven design and environment allow creativity to flow freely and encourage users to connect. They even up their social game by developing a “special voice chat” function to enhance the conversation quality.

While the metaverse platform still needs to find a way to profit, just like other games, users can purchase items like skin, weapons or accessories to decorate things in their universe. Also a major player in terms of commercial partnership, Roblox mainly cooperates with apparel and lifestyle brands including GUCCI, NIKE, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren, Vans and so much more, introducing fashion to the virtual world.


Designed as a 21-story skyscraper, Bloktopia pays homage to the 21 million-worth bitcoins according to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper.

This is one of the very few immersive technology providers that have a metaverse platform that’s already out for the general public. Inside Bloktopia, Rebloks are the “money” for acquiring virtual real estate in the “building”’s floor plan. It is also one of the tokens available on the market with a more affordable price when it comes to investments.


Although Metahero might seem slightly less well-established than some of the metaverse platforms mentioned above, it powerfully integrates 3D scanning technology and truly brings physical objects into online, stimulated infrastructures. Users can recreate their real-life assets into virtual entitles and continue to own or employ them for education, entertainment and training purposes. Named “Virtual Reconstruction”, the technology can also transform objects in the reality, humans included, into avatars with extreme details. 200 Sony A7RIVA cameras are in use to take HD photos of an object or person in Metahero’s “Metascanning” chamber from every angle possible to recreate a life-like 3D model. In that sense, Metahero is a complete game-changer that truly brought the vision of metaverse bridging with or even replacing the “real” world in action.

Welcome to the new age

The crypto world is undoubtedly ever-changing. The key to keeping up with the trend is to recognize its importance and how it could facilitate massive changes in everyone’s lives. In the early stages of the metaverse, like now, creators like us still have an opportunity to monetize and nurture our skills in this virtual world. Getting the most out of and embracing this trend by keeping an eye on related information or even starting to play around with and explore the metaverse platforms mentioned above – is the ultimate key to getting ahead in this digital era. Welcome to the new age!

Metaverse Platforms
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