Engaging and Fun Coding Bootcamp Experiences

Get your child future-ready and enrol them in a coding bootcamp at the age of 4 or above. From ScratchJr, Minecraft to Python, your kids can be tech-savvy through creating fun games, animations, mobile apps and webpages!
Learners love Preface because we believe in creating a love for learning, which is at the centre of everything we do. Our curriculum team develop new lessons that build off past cohorts.
One-of-a-kind Experience
Fun Learning
At Preface, kids learn how to make games and animations that they love to play with themselves. They get to tap into their inner creativity and explore this process like-minded buddies.
Global award winning AI program
Unlike other traditional schools that push kids into standardized learning with rigid lesson plans, we tailor each lesson entirely for them and calibrate the best in-class materials based on their performance.
Best classroom experience
No matter if it’s in in-person or remote setting, our instructors and course design make sure each learner is supported and have all key concepts cleared at each checkpoint.
Feel like staying home?
Our instructors are well-trained to spark creativity and confidence over live video chat, just as effective as in the classroom, so that your kids can learn from anywhere.
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Proud Parents
Feedbacks from happy parents and kids inspire us everyday
James learned so much with his teacher and looks forward to joining the bootcamps every holiday. Last year, he created a Scratch game to promote the importance of recycling for his school project. It's great to see him code his creativity to reality.
Clara Yeung
Mother of James (Grade 2 student at VSA)
When Ashley codes, she is touching the future. I chose Preface because they are known for equipping kids with 21-century mindsets, which should have been done in every local school. But what fascinates me more is that Ashley always bugs me and asks me when the next class will be. Preface is literally the first and only classroom that she really can’t wait to go to and start learning.
Park Pu
Father of Ashley, VP of JP Morgan
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Frequently Asked

The best age to start learning to program can be as young as 3 years old. This is the best age to expose your child to the basic concepts of computing. When they gradually grow into their teenage years, our coding and game-design projects can then spark creativity, logical thinking, and individuality. As Preface's coding curriculums are tailor-made for each demographic group, it’s never too early or too late for your child to start exploring the beauty of coding.
First things first, coding is satisfying and fun! Our passionate coaches will guide your children through the whole curriculum. Once they get the hang of it, they can enjoy the exhilarating joy of coding their own project and customizing them however they desire. Coding is not just a computer language, children can also learn how to dissect complicated computer codes into separate bits and pieces. This will help develop their logical and critical mindset. This is crucial to a child's development since they can apply this mindset later on in real life. People who can clearly analyze and communicate complex ideas in simple terms tend to be more successful in all walks of life. Programming challenges also help children develop resilience. When kids debug their own code, they develop the ability to bounce back from failure and see failure as a stepping stone to their ultimate success. What’s more important is that coding trains up their technical mindset to prepare for the digital economy and the tech-driven future. By turning from a passive tech consumer to a proactive creator, kids with coding knowledge look at the world in a different way, and who knows, maybe it even opens pathways for their future lucrative careers.
You don’t need any prior coding experience to start learning. We have courses for each experience level, from complete novice to seasoned tinkerer. At Preface, we provide a curriculum that’s just right for your child, by considering their learning goals and preferences. If you already know the fundamentals, you can choose to skip a module by scheduling an assessment and interview with our consultant.
Each learner’s curriculum is personalized based on their performance and feedbacks stored in our A.I. system. The MIT-inspired curriculum is designed in a way that our coaches can tweak the teaching materials to make targeted improvements and to make it more fitting to your child’s appetite and interests. Coding is not just about the hard tech skills, but also the maker's spirit — creating something impactful from scratch. Check out this (demo video) where our students applied their technical skills for Warner music, and created a fun animated music video. See what they have to say.
Our instructors are all battle-tested with field and academic experiences. Their background ranges from primary school teachers, software engineers, Ph.D. educators, and even pilots. All of them have to pass our 4-step recruitment process; from video screening, interview, curriculum-based assessment, to finally a live teaching demo. Such a strict process is to ensure that we only select the top 1.5% of instructors, which makes our learning experience the top in the industry. Learn more about Preface’s difference.
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Answer a few questions and a Preface education advisor will work one-on-one to find the right course for your kid.