ChatGPT for Adults

Unlock the power of Generative AI and ChatGPT this summer!
Learn Generative AI and ChatGPT in 3 Levels
AIChat Explorer (101)
Join our one-hour workshop to learn the fundamentals of ChatGPT, discover its potential to equip yourself with practical prompts to stand out in the job market
AIChat Applier (201)
By teaming up with AI, we can unlock new levels of productivity, innovation, and competitiveness in the job market, reaching unprecedented heights together.
AIChat Developer (301)
Uplift your skills to the next level with advanced Generative AI models. Explore the latest model of GPT-4 and its potential use.

Our course on ChatGPT is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of what ChatGPT is and how it works. We'll cover topics such as how to train and fine- tune ChatGPT, how to generate text using the model, and how to evaluate the quality of the generated text.

In addition to the technical aspects of ChatGPT, we'll also explore its applications in various industries. Discuss how ChatGPT can be used for customer service, content creation, and even creative writing through hands-on exercises and real-world examples to help you get the most out of ChatGPT. By the end of the course, you'll have a deep understanding of this powerful language model and how to use it to solve real-world problems.

Whether you're a developer, writer, or just curious about the possibilities of ChatGPT, this course is the perfect way to expand your knowledge and skills.

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