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Christmas 3 Days

Is your child looking to make the most of their Christmas break? Look no further; we're here to make
it magical. Enroll in our festive 3-day bootcamp, specially crafted to enhance their learning journey.
Let's ensure they step confidently towards their educational milestones while enjoying the holiday spirit.

One-of-a-kind Experience

Fun Learning

Fun Learning

At Preface, kids learn how to make games and animations that they love to play with themselves. They get to tap into their inner creativity and explore this process with like-minded buddies.

Global award winning AI program

Global award winning AI program

Unlike other traditional schools that push kids into standardized learning with rigid lesson plans, we tailor each lesson entirely for them and calibrate the best in-class materials based on their performance.

Best classroom experience

Best classroom experience

No matter if it’s in in-person or remote setting, our instructors and course design make sure each learner is supported and have all key concepts cleared at each checkpoint.

Bootcamps at Preface

Learners love Preface because we believe in creating a love for learning, which is at the centre of everything we do. Below is an example of what you can expect at our bootcamps.

Getting To Know You

At the same time, we make sure everyone has all the necessary tools and materials ready for the day.

Lessons, Projects, Games!

Have fun playing games that require coding skills, and learn key concepts through real-life projects and personalised exercises.

Support Buddies

Every mistake is an opportunity to improve. Our instructors make sure each student can pick up the concepts at each learning checkpoint.

4+ | ScratchJr | Level 1 | Frosty's Fun-tastic Coding Adventure (4.5 Hrs)


4+ | ScratchJr | Level 2 | Winter Wonderland (4.5 Hrs)


4+ | Hopscotch | Level 1 | Hopscotch Game Development in a Festive Galaxy (4.5 Hrs)


7+ | Scratch | Level 1 | Unleashing Christmas Magic with Scratch & A.I. (4.5 Hrs)

App Inventor

7+ | App Inventor | Level 1 | Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Apps (4.5 Hrs)


7+ | Minecraft | Level 1 | Minecraft Automation Masters (4.5 Hrs)

Spark AR

10+ | Spark AR | Level 1 | Crafting Christmas Filters for Social Media Magic (4.5 Hrs)


10+ | Python | Level 1 | Logic Wonderland: Python Challenges and Puzzles (4.5 Hrs)


10+ | Python | Level 2 | The Python Magician's Pack of Cards (4.5 Hrs)


10+ | Roblox | Level 1 | Race to the Finish Line! (4.5 Hrs)

Frontend Programming

10+ | Frontend Programming | Level 1 | Creating your first website with HTML CSS (4.5 Hrs)

JavaScript Programming

10+ | JavaScript Programming | Level 2 | Rebuilding classic game with JavaScript (4.5 Hrs)

Proud Parents
Feedbacks from happy parents and kids inspire us everyday
James learned so much with his teacher and looks forward to joining the bootcamps every holiday. Last year, he created a Scratch game to promote the importance of recycling for his school project. It's great to see him code his creativity to reality.
Clara Yeung
Mother of James (Grade 2 student at VSA)
When Ashley codes, she is touching the future. I chose Preface because they are known for equipping kids with 21-century mindsets, which should have been done in every local school. But what fascinates me more is that Ashley always bugs me and asks me when the next class will be. Preface is literally the first and only classroom that she really can’t wait to go to and start learning.
Park Pu
Father of Ashley, VP of JP Morgan
Does my child need to have basic knowledge about coding before scheduling a class?
Why learn coding at a young age?
Who is suitable for Preface’s coding courses?
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