SEEK x Tech in Asia Virtual Career Fair

What is Web 3.0? Some of you might answer. But what does it have to do with future work? Our founder and CEO Tommie Lo shared his vision on Web3 and Blockchain’s transformative potential in the future of work at Tech in Asia x SEEK (JobsDB Hong Kong) Asia Virtual Career Fair.

SEEK x Tech in Asia Virtual Career Fair

For those who were unable to join us live, here are some key takeaways:

Web 1.0 opened the door for information sharing; Web 2.0 brought our connections closer with greater content creation plus collaboration, and now Web 3.0 promises to usher in an era of increased trust and decentralization.

Thanks to the “trustless” and “permissionless” nature of Web 3.0, businesses will be able to streamline operations by removing unnecessary middlemen.

Understand, learn, and keep up with the new world order, or you will fall behind as this next phase of the Internet takes shape. Don’t quit learning. RSVP now for our upcoming tech workshop:

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