Code Camp For Free: Learning How To Code In Free Code Camp


Many of you might be finding a way to start learning how to code or joining a code camp as an introduction. But what kind of code camps are available which are for free? Preface coding has prepared a guide for all the information you need for getting a code camp for free!

What is Code Camp?

Code camps’/ ‘Coding Boot Camps’ are long hours of short-term courses where learners are taught in a condensed and rigorous format. It is one of the fastest ways for learners to explore coding from zero to hero, and in this data-driven world, they are gaining massive amounts of attention and popularity.

Why should I join the Code Camp?

If you are considering learning programming or finding something to learn for career progression, joining Code Camps will be one of the best choices which you will never regret. We have picked some key benefits of joining code camps for you in the below paragraphs, see if the benefits are what you wish to gain!

What are the benefits for joining a Code Camp?

Job Prospect

The pandemic further proved the importance of having tech skills for modern competition in the career market. Tech jobs expand over pre-pandemic levels all over the world while other industries are shrinking.

LinkedIn named the 15 hottest job categories in 2021, 7 of them are directly related to technology, including A.I., Data Science, User Experience, Software, Digital Content, Digital Marketing, and Fulfillment. LinkedIn examined that these roles are experiencing the highest year-over-year growth between April and October 2020. To meet the trend and secure your job prospect, joining a code camp is undoubtedly an effective way to unlock your coding talent!

Personal Growth

“Understanding logic, at a deep level, has improved my problem-solving proficiency tenfold,” said Adrian Degus, the CEO of Nuvro. Logic and problem solving learned from programming are valuable cross-discipline skills, which can be transferable to every part of your life from work to personal events. Also, as we are now living in a digital age, learning coding can help you to understand the environment in which we are living in a better way, from the logic behind online ads you encounter to how the apps on your mobile phone works.

Why is it Free?

You might wonder why there are some free coding boot camps, while many of the coding schools are promoting their paid boot camps. Here are a few reasons behind the free pricing for some code camps.

Support By Government or NGO Fundings

Many free code camps are free as they are supported by the government or institutes can claim back the tuition fee from government parties. freeCodeCamps is one of the most famous nonprofits to provide free programming learning. For instance, in Hong Kong, some code camps are reimbursable courses linking with Continuing Education Fund (CEF), thus they can be free/ almost free.

But of course, in reality, or usually there are prerequisites for free courses to be ‘free’, for instance, your attendance might need to be higher than 90%, you might have to work for certain institutes after the free code camp. Also, many free coding camps are free as teaser sessions, and after teasers, you still have to pay while you choose to learn deeper.

Self learning based/ 1-Size-Fit-All Approach

There are many benefits for organizations to provide freebies, from branding purpose, getting proofing for gaining government funds.

Many free code camp providers will use a 1-size-fit-all approach, to minimize cost, and to serve the largest audience. These camps are usually conducted online to minimize operation costs, with course material like online video and notes provided but mainly needs students to self-learn with the materials given, as freeCodeCamp’s courses as mentioned.

What are available in Code Camp?

freeCodeCamps (Free/ Paid Coding Camps)

The most popular free coding camps provider, freeCodeCamp, offers students 2 things mainly: coding boot camp materials and self-learning. Materials they provided include Tutorial Videos, Online Notes, MC Questions for facilitating self-learning. There is also a discussion forum for you to ask others by posting your questions, the turnaround time and response rate cannot be guaranteed but at least you can have a place to share your doubt! The average learning hours of each Code Camp they provided are with materials for around 300 learning hours.

Datacamp (Free/ Paid Coding Camps)

Datacamp is an interactive learning platform for data science. They provide Free 4 hours Code Camps as a trial to their paid camps, topics include Python, R, and other data-related courses. In these free code camps, they provide Tutorial Videos, Tutorial Transcripts, Exercises, and Assessments. You can also sign up for student groups to interact with other like-minded students.

 Preface Coding (Paid Coding Camps)

While courses above provide tech learning with no cost but heavily stressed self-learning and self-discipline, paid courses are easily differentiated with full support and quick turnaround time. Like at Preface Coding, the Data Science & A.I. with Python Boot Camps are available in both in-person & online format, small class teaching is guaranteed with a non-1-size-fits-all approach. Preface allocates instructors and course material/ use cases according to students’ background in class, and during classes, instructors will immediately answer their questions and debug their coding errors. That also explains why even though there are many free classes available online, many people still prefer paid boot camps for quality and effective use of their time.

What can I do after joining the Code Camp?

Wondering if code camps worth your investment? Here are the reasons why you should join one!

Code Camp Graduates Landed High-Paying Tech Jobs

One of the grads from Preface Coding described their boot camp as a practical one. Coding boot camps offer more resources in preparing you for the job-hunting process. Since boot camps usually have a clear focus on a particular area of expertise, it teaches students with relevant skills that the industry needs for.

The student attended Data Science & A.I. with Python Boot Camp. The boot camp helped her to build her portfolio to showcase to her potential employers, hence, helping her to be successfully hired in the field of software engineering because of the boot camp experience.

Compared with colleges, Career Karma indicates that the placement rate of code camps is relatively high. Over 74% of boot camp graduates can get a programming job within 6 months after completing the boot camp. It reveals the general chance of getting hired is high.

Code Camp Graduates Secure Place at Prestigious Universities

Being a sports star or music talent is no longer the way for fast-tracking or gaining extra marks for university applications. Have you ever thought about building an App that can get you a place in a prestigious university like UCLA?

Preface Coding graduate utilized her knowledge in app development and built a mental health app with App Inventor to help people combating depression. Her portfolio was spotted by UCLA and successfully received an offer and she currently attends as a Psychology major.


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