The Ultimate Guide for Kids’ Python Learning

Python for kids

A kid from Preface Coding was working on her Python project.

It is always heard that Python is popular because it is easy to learn and read. Is this programming language suitable for kids? How can your children start learning it? Here’s Preface Coding’s complete guide to Kids’ Python learning! 


What is Python?

Python is considered a powerful and easy-to-learn computer programming language, which makes it a perfect fit for kids who start learning to code.

Just celebrated its 30th birthday this year, Python has been applied in many companies and many parts of our lives, even the apps of Instagram, Youtube and Dropbox are built with Python.

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Is Python a suitable programming language for kids? Why?

A kid was typing some Python codes on Google Codelab.

In all likelihood, you might wonder why more people suggest kids or adult beginners to start with Python instead of other popular programming languages such as C, Java or Swift. We here gathered a few key reasons behind it.

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1. Easy to Understand

Python is a language with simple and human friendly syntax, not as Java or C which contains extra syntax and more complicated rules to follow. A simple program which contains 20 lines of code in C / Java, will probably need only 5 lines of code using Python.



The application or usage of Python is really wide, it is especially popularly used among Startups and FinTech industries, and areas of Web Development, Data Science and Machine Learning.
Python was also listed as the third “most loved” programming language from Stack Overflow’s 2020 Annual Developer Survey.


3. Learn the Essential Skill-sets of 21st Century

According to a 2020 report of the World Economic Forum, critical thinking, creativity, digital and technological literacy, communication, and cooperation are the most important skills that workers need to be equipped with for future demands. With Python learning, the first 3 of the mentioned skills can be directly trained, and often, while working on group programming projects, communication and team coordination skills can also be learnt.



4. Plenty of Resources Online

Python libraries are powerful and easy to use, for young learners, there are also plenty of fun libraries for them to explore. The “turtle” library is one of the great examples, which is like a drawing board for kids, which is really user friendly for beginners to experience drawing and plot with a few lines of codes. There are also plenty of fun game programming libraries of Python, as “PursuedPyBear” which children can learn to develop their own games in easy ways.


5. Growing Demand in the Job Market

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is forecasting a job growth rate of 22% for developers between 2019 and 2029, compared with 4% for other occupations. The rate is expected to be higher after 2029, and it is also foreseen that the technical skills requirement of non-developers job will be rapidly increased. Thus, for a better and more secure future, learning programming and starting with Python seems an irresistible trend.



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Two kids were learning Python with an instructor.

What Is the Best Age To Learn Python?

There are articles overflowing with suggestions of programming learning for different ages and purposes. Some would suggest that python learning is for people at any age group, some recommend that the earliest age to learn Python is around teenage. 

From our experience and research, we would recommend kids to start learning Python when they are around 12 years old, as at that age, they will be able to truly understand computational thinking and algorithms, for younger kids, we would recommend them to learn Scratch or App Inventor. But of course, there are always outliers or brilliant kids who can be able to master Python way earlier.


How Can My Child Start Learning Python?

To learn any programming languages, core programming concept and syntax are always the beginning steps. The above might not sound kids friendly, but games and animations are always the best key to unlock the learning doors! Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources with games, animations or interactive learning materials online, and of course nothing seems better than taking structural lessons.

We have also made a comparison table for you to take a look at the pros and cons of each programming learning method for kids!

Pros and Cons Table:
Comparing Various Programming Learning Methods for Kids

Learning Python Via:Level of Flexibility?Level of Understanding?Level of ‘Fun’?Level of Motivation?
Coding GamesMediumLowHighHigh
Coding VideosHighMediumMediumLow
Online TutorialsHighMediumMediumLow
In-person CoursesMediumHighHighHigh

Best Games for Kids To Learn Python

1. "Minecraft" (Education Edition)


Minecraft is well known as a game, but actually it also have an  “Education Edition” which kids’ can learn programming concepts and also how to code in Python with interactive bricks while building their own virtual environment!  


Minecraft (Education Edition):

Python Coding Tutorial for Minecraft:



2. "Code Combat"

Code Combat is an educational game that teaches kids coding fundamentals including Python, it is free to play for all of its core levels so let your kids explore the fun of coding with video games!

Code Combat:


Best Books for Kids To Learn Python

1. "Coding for Kids: Python: Learn to Code with 50 Awesome Games and Activities"

“Coding for Kids: Python: Learn to Code with 50 Awesome Games and Activities”

The book name itself probably disclosed the reason why it is recommended for kids already! With a high variety of games and activities, plus its engaging virtual lessons with colourful illustrations with screenshot and reference, kids’ can ‘self-learn’ easily with the help of the book.

Not sure if your kids can follow? It has easy-to-follow instructions as well as colourful graphics so if they are 10+, they are suitable to learn with this book.

Learn More:

2. "Python For Kids For Dummies"

“Python For Kids For Dummies” 

The name of the book might not be attractive enough for parents as it involves the word “dummies” inside! But the “For Dummies” series are really popular among all tech learners from kids to adults. It is famous for transforming all hard-to-understand tech concepts to easy-to-learn format and presentations for any beginners even if they are dummies. This Python For Kids For Dummies book is written by an experienced classroom instructor. With step by step guides and fun bite-size coding projects, your kids would be able to geek in an easy way!

Learn More:

3. "Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming"

“Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming”

There are 2 key reasons behind recommending this book to young learners. First, it is really easy and intuitive to understand, even for younger kids. Second, children will never get bored reading this book and they will have fun with it, as they provide really amusive and fun sample programs!

Read/Download Link:

Best Videos for Kids To Learn Python

1. "Coding For Kids in Python"

“Coding For Kids in Python” 

Let’s Code! This Youtube video is perfect for your kids to kick-starting their coding journey. It explains the basic idea of Python with step by step instructions. The video introduces the general picture of what coding is. It also highlights why python has become one of the most popular programming languages.

Below is the link if you want to start watching with your kid now: 



2. "Coding for Kids - Install Python and create first program"

“Coding for Kids – Install Python and create first program” 

Having trouble even to install Python? Platon is here to help! Let your kid gain some coding confidence by coding with another smart kid and shadow his steps! This video is suitable for absolute beginner as Platon will guide you from how to download Python to creating the very first program, in a step by step way! 

Below is the link if you want to start watching with your kid now:



Best Tutorial for Kids To Learn Python

1. "Draw the Solar System | Beginner Python Graphics"

Learning solely via Video might not be your kids favourite so here is alternative! At Juni Learning’s blogs, they provide coding tutorials with step by step guide in text and also video to walk you through the project. You can also choose projects from difficulties, approximate line of codes, learning outcomes or other details as they provide all these information for each project tutorial! 

For this specific project recommended, kids can actually learn to draw a solar system themselves! 

Below is the link if you want to share it to your kid now:


2. "Simple Geometry Shapes with Python Turtle Module"

Although the site is not looking as attractive as Jumi’s site mentioned, this site is really practical with well organised and clear learning material for each projects (/lessons). The site is specialised in providing resources to learn Python with Turtle, a graphical tool kit which is suitable for kids to learn coding with images and colours. 

Below is the link if you want to share it to your kid now: 


What Are the Differences Between Free Online Tutorials and Private Courses?

Thanks to the advance of technology, there is almost unlimited access to information. Your children can always learn something new within just a few clicks! What’s more important is that many free online tutorials do not require any prerequisites. It offers great flexibility for them to learn anytime and anywhere as long as there are internet connections!

Yet, distraction is also unavoidable for kids while they are surfing on the Internet. It is always better to have someone to guide them through their learning progress. Attending private class provides greater interactions between students and the instructor, it can ensure a better understanding through the instructor’s explanation. Especially in learning programming, it is much easier to communicate through live chats instead of simply commenting and texting online when it comes to syntax errors.

Typically, free online courses are mainly for the introductory level. If your kids would like to dive into the programming world, private courses provide more in-depth knowledge and hands-on coding practices.


What Can My Kids Create Or Achieve After Learning Python?

With Preface Coding‘s Data Science with Python course as a reference, with around 16 hours learning, mature children or teenagers can be able to learn how to use API to get data from useful sites, learn data analytics and to do visualisation of different data! These skills are transferable for their school projects, tech portfolio building and also to build a great foundation for their future career! If Data Science sounds a little far for your kids, learning Python while building a Website might sounds cooler, mature kids can achieve to build their own Website and e-shops as well!

If they are willing to spend more time in learning Python, Mature kids/ teens can then become a Data Science Expert in around 80 hours, mastering key Data Science and A.I. Concepts from Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning to Image Classification!


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