Why Coding Is Important?:
10 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Code

Why Coding Is Important?: 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Code

While coding has become more popular nowadays, you might have questioned why coding is important? Or why should you start learning how to code? Preface coding has consolidated 10 reasons why coding is important!


What is Coding?

Coding refers to the intercommunication process for us to give instructions for a computer or program to process our requests. It is widely used in our daily life, from gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, smart TV and other smart home appliances, to automated cars and facilities like traffic lights, etc., it has been part of our lives.

A man was programming for his work task.

Many people learn coding because of their career development, or simply because of their interests, but the benefits are much more than that. Steve Jobs once said, “Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” When you know how to think, you open up endless possibilities to your work and life. Check out 10 reasons why we should learn to code below.

1. Coding Develops Logical Thinking

Coding encourages you to use logic and algorithms to create a program. When facing a new challenge, you need to follow a logical approach to solve the issue. Therefore, this is an exercise for your brain to train up your logical ability. Logical thinking is not only about solving algorithms but also beneficial to your personal and professional life.

2. Coding Improves Problem Solving Skills

Coding teaches you how to think. During the coding process, you need to give a solution to an issue that involves intensive problem-solving skills. It trains your brain to think deeply, identify the troubles, and break things up, then put the pieces together with a solution. These kinds of troubleshooting skills help you become a smarter person personally and professionally and see a situation from a completely new perspective.

3. Coding Fosters Creativity

Someone might think coding is boring with standard formulas, but it can be fun and creative. There won’t be the same problems to be resolved every time, you will overcome different kinds of challenges that require new solutions. While working on coding projects, you can make use of your creativity to provide a tailored solution to an issue – and your innovative solution might somehow change the world.

4. Coding Allows High Income Potential

Programmers and developers are in high demand all over the world. Companies are willing to provide attractive packages to them. From the recent survey of SalaryExplorer, the median salary of a developer or programmer in Hong Kong is HK$36,500 per month, ranging from HK$15,600 to HK$53,800 per month while the report by Census and Statistics Department indicates the median monthly income for general HK labour force in 2020 was only HK$18,400 per month.

5. Coding Opens Up Job Opportunities

Technology is a growing trend in the digital economy providing massive job opportunities. Programmers, software engineers, and developers are in high demand across different industries. With coding as the fundamental skill, you open up career choices. It also makes your portfolio stand out from the others. Many companies might also outsource their coding-related works, thus, being a coding expert helps you earn freelance income, and offers career flexibility.

6. Coding Helps You Work Smartly And Efficiently

Coding is not only useful for technical roles, it also helps in non-coding jobs. When you know the coding method, you can automate the operational progress or apply the way of thinking in marketing campaigns. Even just knowing basic coding helps you communicate with technical colleagues effectively, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of the projects.

7. Coding Take Your Career to New Heights

Learning to code helps you accomplish innovative projects and make you a valuable asset to the company. You can visualize and understand the risk and challenges from an engineer’s point of view, making you a great teammate or leader to work with. Coding skills also help you leverage data and logical thinking in decision making, thus achieving better performance.

8. Coding Help You Understand How Technology Works

Technology has become a part of our daily life. We rely on technologies in data analysis, finance, the health sector, education, and every single step of our daily lives. Learning to code helps you understand the world and solve the problems we encounter every day, from understanding errors in mobile devices to innovating new ideas that change the world.

9. Coding Help You Create Your Own App or Open Own Business

The most motivating thing in learning to code is to create something yourself. You can digitize your ideas, for instance, create an app that might get viral in the market. Or you can start your own business with technical knowledge, from an online shop to consultant agency, service providers, or mobile games company, you name it. In short, learning to code can be a way to make your dreams come true.

10. Coding Empower Your Life

Our world is full of technology, we use numerous software and apps every day. When you know how to build these things and understand their mechanism, you will feel more confident. Once you can solve the problem yourself, you do not need to wait for someone to help. You don’t need to be an expert to be self-sufficient, by knowing just a little can make a huge difference to your life. Learning to code can help your life in a way you can never imagine.

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A group of adults learning Python with an instructor online.

How can I learn to code?

Code Camps

‘Code camps’, or ‘Coding Boot Camps’, are structured and intensive programs that help learners to learn the key coding skills in an accelerated curriculum. It is one of the fastest ways to learn coding from zero to hero. There are free code camps funded by the government or NGOs in the market. In addition, Preface Coding also provides Data Science & A.I. with Python Boot Camps, available in small class teaching.

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Some platforms provide free coding lessons for beginners:

YouTube Channels
If you are an effective self-learner, you can start learning to code, or some basic concepts via YouTube channels. Some YouTubers or educational institutions provide free coding tutorials on their channels, some famous channels are freeCodeCamps, Programming with Mosh, etc.


freeCodeCamps (Free Coding Camps)

freeCodeCamp is the most popular free coding camps provider. They offer around 300 learning hours of coding boot camp materials and self-learning materials, including tutorial videos, online notes, MC questions. There is also a discussion forum for you to ask questions, but the turnaround time and response rate cannot be guaranteed.

Code Academy (Free/ Paid Coding Camps)

Code Academy is one of the popular code learning platforms, providing over 300 million hours of free coding content. They offer courses ranging from introductory programming to advanced languages, with an interactive learning approach that allows you to apply what you’ve learned. They provide over 14 programming languages, e.g. HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Rails, AngularJS, ReactJS, Ruby, Command Line, Git, SQL, Java, etc.

Coding Courses

Although the above courses are for free, it is highly stressed in self-learning and discipline. Preface Coding provides paid courses with professional instructors. They can prompt you with suitable lesson plans depending on your goals and objectives to fully support your code learning. Below are 2 courses that you won’t want to miss:

Data Science & A.I. with Python

Nowadays, everyone talks about Big Data. Yet, most organizations struggle to get value from the data they have access to. Hence, equipping yourself with skills to analyse data could further sharpen your competitiveness. Preface Coding offers Data Science & A.I. with Python Program, where you can be empowered with all the skills to work efficiently with big datasets from data science techniques to machine learning. They provide both group-based Boot Camp and personalised 1-on-1 learning, available in both in-person & online format. The course helps you to learn data science using Python with a focus on practical business applications. It is in 5 modules with 80 learning hours in total.

Full Stack Web Development

As technology rapidly expands and evolves, there is a high demand for full stack developers. Full Stack Web Development Program from Preface Coding gives you an in-depth understanding of both front-end (HTML & CSS) and backend (Python in Django) development with business use cases happening in Silicon Valley. It empowers you to be the person who understands the full “stack” of the company’s tech project, leveling up your competitiveness in the digital era. After completing the course, you can master everything required, which enables you to work on both frontend and backend sides and understand the entire process when building an application. It is in 5 modules with 80 learning hours in total.

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