most in demand skills for future

Top 10 most in demand skills for future

Still don’t believe your skill sets can be replaced by some random robots? Well, you should better look at this figure – according to the McKinsey Global Survey, a wide range of businesses will encounter a huge skill shortage in the future. Consequently, almost 400 million employees might get laid off due to the rapid evolution of technologies.

To be, or not to be, this is obviously not a question anymore.

If you wish to stay at the forefront of your industry, let’s look at these 10 most demanded skills in the future as predicted by Preface coding!

1. Blockchain

While cryptocurrency has been much discussed lately, you must know what “blockchain” is.

In short, blockchain is a decentralized system which stores information. This form of database is highly secure as it is almost impossible to change, hack or deceive.

With its security and traceability, blockchain is appealing to segments such as government, healthcare, finance and retail. For instance, banks are expected to save up to $27 billion by 2030 as blockchain can streamline the lengthy process of cross-border transactions. Healthcare organizations can also benefit from its application since health information exchanges among hospitals and clinics can be much more efficient and interoperable.

Source: Investopia

2. Analysis

The ability to analyze remains an important asset. No matter what job level your position is, knowing how to find solutions to common problems and deliver viable solutions can definitely turn you into an indispensable member of any team. 

In today’s data-driven society, data analysts are in extremely high demand. If you want to learn and improve your analytical skills, you should consider leveraging the power of coding.

3. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is reshaping how we live and work – from automotive vehicles to robotic assistants, from surgical robots to facial recognition – its potential is just enormous. 

As numerous companies keen to pull specialist talents in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, the rewards of having relevant background far outweigh the investments of time and energy. With Preface, you can stay as up-to-date in the industry as possible even you are simply a blank piece of paper.

4. Web Programming

With the expansion of e-commerce and ever-growing reliance on the internet, there is no sign showing demand for web developers will wane. 

Web programming is quite a broad term, it includes web writing, coding, server scripting and network security. Every web developer must have a basic understanding of coding languages such as JavaScript, if you wish to dig deeper, an immersive course can teach you how to master the essential web programming skills step-by-step

Source: US News

5. Coding

All of sudden, people from every sector began to harp on the importance of coding skills. You might already get tired of listening to different advantages coding can bring you, so this article won’t repeat once again.

If you are still interested in learning how to code, Preface offers beginner-friendly coding education to adults. After 5 modules, learners can understand how to apply advanced programming techniques to multiple actual use cases and complete a coding project independently!

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6. Healthcare and Nursing

With reference to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare is estimated to be the fastest growing industry and expected to add the most jobs in the next 10 years. 

Doubtless, people are living longer than ever. While a longer life brings many opportunities, there are also some common health conditions associated with ageing, for example, heart failure, high blood pressure, chronic pain and more, all require well-structured health services. Not to mention the tech savvy patients are demanding new technologies that give them access to better care, such as record keeping, telemedicine and wearable monitoring devices.

7. Audio/ Video Production

What is the last time you watch a YouTube video? And what is the last time you have an earworm crawling into your head? Admit it, modern people can’t live without music and video.

There has been a high demand for skilled workers in these highly technical occupations, which are found in many industries and are continually growing since consumers gravitate to information they can consume quickly and visually.

8. UX Design

In many countries, like Europe and the United States, the demand surpasses supply of UX professionals

There are nearly 2 billion websites and over 4 million mobile apps worldwide. In this competitive environment, both web and app developers are fighting for consumer attention by modifying the functions, loading speed, visual elements, and most importantly, the usability. By ensuring the digital space fulfills users’ needs and expectations, UX designers are widely perceived as a key intermediate between the organizations and customers.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Can you believe people are now making money just by posting selfies on Instagram? Thanks to the emergence of affiliate marketing, if you have a certain amount of followers, you can also earn commission by promoting a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser. 

According to Statista, this form of marketing can reach $8.2 billion by 2022, which must be good news to anyone looking for an alternate stream of income.

10. Emotional Intelligence

LinkedIn recently revealed that people with emotional intelligence, also known as EQ, are getting better career prospects. 

Simply put, emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand your own and others emotions. Given that companies value teamwork so highly, excellent interpersonal and people-oriented skills allows you to foster strong bondings with others whatever situation you are in, ensuring the ultimate success.

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